Dog Breeds - Komondor

Breed:                 Working
Weight:                Male: 80; Female:70 lbs
Height:                 Male: 27.5; Female 25.5 inches
Color(s):             White

Komondor Dog Breed Information:
The Komondor is a large livestock guardian dog of white color having originated in Hungary. It was mentioned in 1544 in a Hungarian codex for the first time. It has a long, corded coat and is also known as mop dogs. It is a very powerful dog breed which has natural guardian abilities and does makes an excellent guard dog of livestock and property.

The Komondor breed has been made a Hungary’s national treasures and is to be safeguarded against any changes. It is self-confident, very sober and a protective breed who is very loving, but is cautious towards the unknown people. However, if he senses that the person is not dangerous then he immediately becomes friendly. The fierce breed is excellent for guarding flock. He is very respectful towards the owner and tries to please the owner. He should be made social at a young age because of his protective personality. The Komondor, affectionate, devoted member of the family, is a guardian by nature and thus makes an excellent guard dog but can turn fierce while trying to protect his belongings. 

Regular trimming must be done of the hair that grows in between the pads of the feet if they become long. It is a very brainy, but can be defiant and self-dependent and thus must be given training at a young age. He should be introduced to new places and scenery in order to avoid aggressiveness later.

The Komondor is best suited for a country type atmosphere but will even do well in a home if it is given room to run around. Sometimes the Komondor tends to be lazy and consider exercise to be a mere liability.

Komondor Health and Disease:
Komondors on an average survive for 10 to 12 years and do not survive any hereditary problems, but they do suffer from a few genetically linked problems which include:
•    Hip dysplasia
•    Entropion
•    Cataract
•    Bloat
•    Skin problems

Komondor Breed Characteristics and Appearance:
Shepherds dog from the plains of Hungary.

General appearance: large, imposing, muscular dog with long, shaggy white coat which tends to cord.

Head: skull slightly arched, stop moderate, muzzle broad and rather coarse, not blunt or pointed, scissors bite. Nostrils wide, nose black, Lips tight fitting. Eyes medium

Neck: strong, muscular, moderately arched, medium length, richly coated, no dewlap.

Body: broad, deep, muscular with back level, rump broad, sloping slightly. Because of the density of the dog’s coat, withers are scarcely visible.

Legs and feet: forelegs like vertical columns, muscular, heavily coated. Hind legs strong and muscular well angulated. Feet strong, large and compact.

Tail: moderately long, set fairly high, coated with long hairs; reaches down to the hocks carried low, slightly curved at tip.

Coat: long, dense and corded.

Color: white.

Height and Weight: dogs 65 – 85cm, bitches 55-70 cm, dogs 50 60 kg, bitches 40- 50 kg.

Origin of breed: probably from crossing the original breed with Molossian dog and Kuvasz.

Characteristics and uses: quiet, very courageous and persistent dog, completely devoted to its master and suspicious of strangers. Typical herding dog, good watchdog and guard. Inclined to be pugnacious and therefore needs patient and calm handling. The coat requires considerable attention.