Bernese Mountain dog

Most widespread of Swiss herding dogs.

  • General appearance: large, sturdy but not clumsy, long-haired dog with drop ears and long well covered tail.
  • Head: large with flat skull and scarcely perceptible stop, muzzle straight and strong, scissors bite. Nose black. Eyes dark brown, almond-shaped. Ears moderately large set high, triangular, falling close to the head when in repose.
  • Neck: moderately long, strong, well muscled and well covered with hair.
  • Body: back moderately long, firm and straight, chest broad and deep, loins strong.
  • Legs and feet: well muscled, forelegs straight, shoulders long and sloping, thighs broad and strong, hocks well bent, broad and strong. Feet short, round and compact.
  • Tail: thickly coated with hair, reaching to below the hock joint, slightly plumed.
  • Coat: long, straight or slightly wavy.
  • Color: basic color black and tan and white symmetrical markings.
  • Height and Weight: dogs 64-70 cm, bitches 58-66 cm; weight not officially prescribed.
  • Origin of breed: Swiss breed from the neighborhood of Berne, possibly descended from the Molossian dog.
  • Characteristics and uses: intelligent, watchful and very affectionate dog. Ideal family dog which can adapt itself to town life if given sufficient exercise. Excellent watchdog and, of course, a good draught dog that being the purpose for which it was bred.