Dog Breeds - Mastiff

Breed Group: Working
Weight: 175_190 lbs
Height: Male 30 : Female 27.5 inches
Colors: Fawn, Apricot, or brindle All with dark muzzle ears and nose

Mastiff Dog Breed Information:
This type of dog breed is basically used as a protector dog. The mastiff is also known as a hunting dog and it owners rank in the number one position and people love it as a protector and a guard dog. They are a very strong dog breed and also used in different events in which they fight with bull, bears and different type of strong animals. This breed of dogs was nearly wiped out by the end of World War II but with the efforts of different dog lovers it was saved by the import from United States and Canada. This dog is very tough and harsh in nature and one of the heaviest breed in the world the males are competent of going beyond 200 pounds.

They have dominant, imposing and fearless type of nature, they are repeatedly referred to as the calm giant; they are a mixture of self-respect and magnificence. This dog breed is watchful and dependable they are very faithful and extremely dedicated to their families. The Mastiff dog breed does not like loneliness and do not do well if they have been left alone for long periods of time. This breed is good at home and does well with older children they are not good with other house hold pets that have not been raised around them, this breed is very protective of their family and owners. The mastiff is not suggested to be owned by inexperienced and inactive owners. This dog needs negligible grooming. They don’t need regular brushing but needs a occasional brushing, bath should be given with a dry shampoo when mandatory.The mastiff is a double coated dog breed the outer coat is not long, straight, and crude whereas the under coat is thick and is attached with the body. There are different colors of the coat present in this breed like apricot, fawn or brindle.

The Mastiff dog breed requires early socialization and training this breed does not respond to tough or harsh training methods they need a loving and sympathetic methods of training. This breed of dogs is difficult to train the Mastiff needs full attention, respect and regularity in exercise they are good in protecting, as well as guarding, and also can help in rescue. As this breed is generally lazy it is recommended to give it regular walks, they are even suitable for apartment living despite of being a big dog if they are given regular exercise.

The Mastiff Health and Diseases:

The mastiff dog breed is prone to
  • Hip and elbow Dysplasia
  • Bloat
  • Ectropion. Pra
  • Cardiomyopahy
  • Gastric problems
They also have a propensity to drool and snore. Keeping an eye out for these health problems and dog diseases and keeping your dog safe is your responsibility so give your dog a healthy environment and look out for any signs of illness or dog disease.