Dog Breeds - McNab

Breed Group: Not AKC Recognized
Weight: 25 to 50 lbs
Height: 15 to 25 inches
Colors: Red with White Markings , may be tri_colored.

McNab Dog Breed Information:
The McNab breed of dogs originated in California, United States of America, the man behind the creation of this breed was Scotsman Alexander McNab and the dog breed is named after him. This breed of dogs is well known for its force, resourcefulness guarding capabilities and come at top position in the category of hunting dogs.

The Mcnab have a different qualities which differentiate them with other breeds and these characteristics include that they are a unique kind of breed who have a cat like feat which make them tremendously nimble . this special dog breed is not very tall and are medium sized, they are sporty, hard working and strong. The came in the category of well organized, faithful  and friendly dog breeds. This breed has a quality to make good relation with a specific  person from the family and obey him. They are very protective for their family they don’t allow any strangers to be in the house or property  without the permission of the owner. the McNab are a good breed for house and do well with children and other household pets.

It is necessary to do regular brushing for this dog breed to get rid of loose and dead hair. Bathing should be done once a week or when it is mandatory. They have a single coat  which is very smooth and consists of little hair. The McNab dog breed should be socialized and give some training in their early ages as they become use to it. This dog breed is clever and love to play with family members and other pets. They will not react to tough training methods the training should be done with fairness, tolerance and on regular basis. The Mcnab need some good physical exercise and it is necessary to give them a job they are not good to live in city or in apartment because of their nature.  They do best in rural areas where they have work to do and open spaces to run about in.

Mcnabs Health and Diseases:
This dog breed is very tough so this breed has no well known health issues or known dog diseases.