Dog Breeds - Miniature Australian Shepherd

Breed type: Not AKC Recognized
Weight: 20_40 lbs
Height: 13_18 inches
Colors: Blue Merle, Black, Red Merle, and all re with and with out white marking and/or tan points.

Miniature Australian Shepherd Breed Information:
This breed originated from the Australian Shepherd and we can say it is a new breed compared to the other older breeds of dogs. The miniature Australian Shepherd breed is becoming popular because of their small size and strong ethic. They are very good at herding but are not registered by the American Kennel club.They are also commonly called Mini Aussie this breed of dogs is strong, hardy and medium in size. The Mini Aussie are well balanced, tough and can have a lot of stamina. This dog breed is useful in farming as a working dog, is highly talented and can be a good guardian dog.

The Miniature Australian shepherd is very faithful and protective by nature, they are good with older children. Their enthusiasm and herding capability make them difficult to live with young children they are very protector and don’t allow strangers to be in their surroundings they inform their owner by barking about danger. This dog breed is not aggressive towards other dogs. The Miniature Australian shepherd is double coated the first and the outer coat protect them from the climate and is straight and a bit curly where as the undercoat is short and thick they have hair on different places like hair on head on legs and on tail are silky and smooth, normally the coat's color is black and blue. The shepherd is an average shedder.

They are easy to control they don’t need every day brushing and bathing should only be done when necessary they need early attachment with family members and need early training this dog breed is a good learner and are easy to train they don’t react to harsh handling and training methods. This breed is good with fairness and giving rewards works during training.  The Miniature Australian Shepherd need a lot of exercise and inspiration . This breed of dogs flourishes in jobs assigned to it and is a very hard worker. This dog does not like loneliness  and will become hostile if they are left alone, they need proper exercise every day, they love human companionship and love to run around open spaces. They will do fine in apartments if they are provided enough exercise and entertainment.

Miniature Australian Shepherd Health and Diseases:
The Miniature Australian Shepherd dog breed is prone to the following health related issues and dog diseases.
  • Blindness
  • Deafness
  • Eye Disorder
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Locating patella
Look out for any symptoms of these dog diseases and if you notice any problems consult the vet at the earliest.