Dog Breeds - Miniature Bull Terrier

Breed : Terrier
Weight: 25_33 lbs
Height: 10_14 inches
Colors: Pure White or any color to predominate.

Miniature Bull Terrier Breed Information:
The Bull terrier is a dual blood line it is a cross of the Bull and an old dog breed the English Terrier with a bit of Spanish pointer. This Breed was Developed in 1830 its core work was to fight with a bull in a game known as combat. This breed was soon exchanged by White cavalier and after that is has been used for different causes.

These days the bull terrier is used as a guard dog, a protector and a watchdog and have very good record in all these activities. The Miniature type of the bull terrier is originated from the same origin as the typical, But it has been bred to be a more convenient size. The Bull Terrier has a very aggressive nature and can be dangerous at times, this dog breed can defend it's owner and territory because of it's courageous attitude.

It is very strongly suggested that this dog breed should has a very experienced handler. This breed should have a very governing owner as this dog can be dangerous and passionate in a negative way if it is not controlled at an earlier stage. Sometimes this breed of dogs can be difficult to handle. This breed is not very good with small children and this breed should not ever be left alone with children. The Miniature bull terrier breed needs earlier socialization, if it is provided it can be good with other pets but it should not be trained around smaller animals because it could be dangerous and aggressive towards smaller pets.

The Bull terrier has a very short and smooth coat. The coat need to be harsh to touch and glossy. The skin of this breed always remains tight. Regular grooming is not mandatory for this short haired breed it doesn’t need regularly brushing but it need brushing some times to clean off the dirt and lose hair. It is rally important to clean its ears regularly and its nails should be shortened once every week to keep them at a convenient length. This breed is a very energetic dog breed and even does well in a small apartment as long as it is given regular exercise and walks.

Miniature Bull Terrier Health and Diseases:
Generally these dogs a quit healthy but they can suffer from the following health problems and dog diseases:
  • Hearing
  • Eye
  • Skin
  • kidney
  • Heart
  • Knee
  • Pigment related deafness occurs in both white and colored Bull Terrier also.
As a responsible pet owner it is your responsibility to keep an eye on your dog, if you notice any physical or behavioral changes in your pet these changes could indicate a problem, look out for symptoms of dog diseases and if you notice sudden changes or symptoms be sure to consult your dog's vet at the earliest for an early diagnosis and treatment.