Dog Breeds - Morkie/Yorktese

Breed :     Not AKC Recognized
Weight:  Male: 4-9; Female: 4-9 lbs
Height:  6-10 inches
Color(s):Black, tan, white, black and tan; may be solid, sable, or distinctively marked

Morkie/Yorktese Breed Information:
The Yorktese which is also known as Morkie came into existence by the crossing of two breeds Yorkshire terrier and Maltese. They are generally known as designer dogs, the yorktese is a very popular dog in the world because of its unique characteristics. The Good yorktese is hard, tough and well-balanced in appearance they have a sweet and nice appearance. They are not suggested for small home and with small children.This dog breed is faithful, dedicated and a loving dog breed. They do well with other dogs and pets if they are raised with them. They want to live close with the owner and will not do well if they are left alone for some time, the loneliness will make them aggressive and unhelpful, they will indulge in destructive activities and they bark excessively.

They are very good as watchdogs, they can recognize strangers and let the family know about the stranger through braking and this breed is very alert in defending the family. They need regular brushing to clean them from dirt and dead hair they don’t have a habit of regular bathing but bathing can be done if it is mandatory with a mild shampoo. They need special attention towards their teeth to prevent tooth loss tooth related dog diseases.

They have a long coat which is silky, straight and smooth. They need an early socialization with people so that they become use to it. The Yorkshire is difficult to handle and housebreak. They need a good trainer they well not react on unsympathetic or tough training methods, the dog training must be done with staying power, justice and regularity. They are strongly suggested to live in apartments in which they are given a proper exercise and with mental stimulation. They are quite an active breed of dogs, which have difficulty indoors and should have  different types of toys to keep them busy and playful. They enjoy spending time with family and walks with their owners.

Morkie/Yorktese Health and Diseases:
This dog breed can be affected with such health problems and dog diseases as digestive problems, sensitivity to anesthesia, slipped stifle, and skin problems. Otherwise an active and healthy dog breed, this breed needs regular exercise and activity to keep it healthy, if you notice any symptoms of dog diseases affecting your dog be sure to take it for a checkup to the vet so health problems and dog diseases can be diagnosed at the earliest and treatment started in a timely manner.