Dog Breeds - Mountain Cur

Breed :         Not Akc Recognized
Weight:        Male: 50-60; Female: 40-50 lbs
Height:         Male: 18-26; Female: 16-24 inches
Color(s):      Blue, brown, yellow, red, brindle, or black with tan or brindle points. There may be a small amount of white markings.

Mountain Cur Breed Information:
This highly skilled dog breed is high up in tradition, most of the time referred to as "brave dogs of the Southern mountains."  People prefer them in several ways for several qualities like, defender, farm worker, protector, and hunter. The Mountain Cur is harsh, pumped up and solid. They are extremely daring and squarely-built. They possess passionate eyes, great stamina, and are a very active breed among all the dog breeds. The Mountain Cur breed is an excellent hunting dog of small to large game. They are not suitable for homes as a companion dog because of children as this breed of dogs is very rough in nature. Their behavior is not very pleasant with other dogs they do not know, they are also not recommended for homes with non-canine pets. The Mountain Cur is vigilant and skeptical of strangers and will not fumble to protect their family and property.

The Mountain Cur is a double coat breed. The outer coat is short and may be rough or smooth in texture. The under coat is fine, soft, and thick. Brushing is advisable to remove loose and dead hair. Bathing should only be done when unavoidable. The Mountain Cur is intelligent but is not patient. They typically will only respond to their hunting master or trainer.  Early socialization and basic obedience is absolutely necessary. The Mountain Cur will not respond to rough or heavy-handed methods. Training must be done with firmness, fairness, patience,and consistency.The Mountain Cur breed is not recommended for city life or if you live in apartment. They require an extreme amount of physical exercise. They do best in a rural areas where they have big area to run and play in.

Mountain Cur Health and Diseases:
The Mountain Cur dog breeds skin can be easily damaged only a soft shampoo should be used while bathing this breed. There are no common genetic health issue and dog diseases with the breed of dogs. Mountain Cur can live for up to 12 years. If you notice any unusual symptoms or changes in behavior of this breed be sure to check with a veterinary health care professional to rule out any dog diseases and health concerns, a healthy pet is always a better pet and as a pet owner it is your responsibility to ensure that your pet is living a healthy life.