Dog Breeds - Mudi

Breed :     Not Akc Recognized
Weight:     18-29 lbs
Height:     14-20 inches
Color(s):     Red, brown, black, white, gray, and yellow. May have Merle markings.

Mudi Dog Breed Information:
The Mudi dog breed was bred in Hungary and is a comparably new breed. They are famous for a number of responsibilities which they can easily perform like sheep herder, flock guardian, guard dog, cattle herder, hunter, and as a companion dog. Mudi’s are also used for rescue purposes. This dog breed is extremely rare and hard to acquire.

A medium sized breed, the Mudi is fearless, energetic, and alert. They are tough, elastic and reliable. The excellent characteristic of this breed is the head.  Mudi's possess an expression of being attentive, intelligent, and dynamic.The Mudi is adorable, disciplined establishes a close relation with one particular family member. They do not trust strangers and will protect and defend their family and property. The Mudi breed is good with children whom they have been raised up with. They also have good relations with other dogs and non-canine pets with which they are properly introduced. This breed has number of talents and a pleasing tendency.

The coat of the Mudi is straight, short, and smooth on the front of the legs and head. The coat on the body is close, shiny, and very curly. The coat is longest on the back of the legs and upper thighs where there is pronounced feathering. Mudi's require seldom brushing to remove dead hair. Bathing should be done when unavoidable. The Mudi breed is highly brilliant, faithful, and independent. They respond best to firmness, fairness, and consistency. The Mudi excels in agility, security, narcotics dog, and rescue. The Mudi dog breed is best when it is in rural areas or in large yards. They are very active. This dog breed thrive on working, exercise, and enjoy fly-ball and Frisbee.

Mudi Dog Breed Health and Diseases:
The Mudi is a comparably healthy breed of dogs with some rare cases of Hip Dysplasia.