Dog Disease - Arthritis

Arthritis is a common dog disease.The symptoms are the same as for humans; and like their human masters the disease more commonly effects the aged, the inactive, and the over weight. The disease itself is extremely painful, and is caused due to wearing out or stiffness of joints and muscles. That is why it effects mostly the older dogs. Even younger dogs can suffer such from this disease due to a major injury or accident. In some dogs the pain can become unendurable, and in all cases it is extremely painful. The disease can be a serious impediment to the ability of your pet to lead a normal active life. That is why proper care and treatment by a good vet is essential.

Pets suffering from arthritis will show these symptoms:
  • Lazy and lethargic in their movements.
  • They might display diminished muscle tone.
  • They might be feverish.
  • They may be loosing weight.
  • They might show signs of pain and stiffness in legs during movement.
Should you notice any of these symptoms consult your vet immediately.

If the symptoms are detected earlier and treatment started immediately your dog has a better chance of leading a more comfortable life. Moreover proper exercising and diet for your pet when younger will help prevent or delay arthritis in old age. Even though your vet know best what treatment to administer to your dog, you need to be be aware of the choices available to treat a dog disease.

Some Treatment Options are:
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs(NSAID's).These are of two types. Firstly those made specially for dogs and second those made for humans which can also be prescribed for dogs.Your vet is the best person to decide on the type and dosage. Which ones to use and what dosage to administer.
  • Joint Fluid Modifiers. These are drugs which relieve the pain in the joints by modifying the fluids in them.
  • Surgery. This is another option which can be used in extreme cases.
  • There are also some natural cures that can be tried.