Communicating with your Dog

It is really important to understand the words of dogs and their requirement, Dogmanship is about understanding and communicating with the dog in their own language. It require a special training that a person fully understand the need and requirement of a dog. It is a universal truth that the dogs are less complicated to understand as compare with human. Human can learn the language of the dog if they open their minds to idea for that you must need to work with the natural instincts of the animal not against them.

Take horses for example. Some of the best horse trainers and owners are those that apply natural horsemanship. Those that learn how the horse communicates towards one another and uses their own language to speak to them. Every animal is unique in their own way. As the dogs are but dogs are fight animals meaning they have an instincts of fighting, as they have this tendency naturally so every animal is different with other by nature and it is important to treat them as their requirement.

Because dogs are so closely bonded with the human species, most humans forget, or never even think about their natural instincts. Some even take it as far as seeing those who do speak dog to the dog as cruel. Dogs have a natural instinct to want structure, rules and boundaries. To know where they stand among their pack and believe it or not, they want to know the rules and they need consistency with those rules.

While those who believe it is cruel to use natural dogmanship towards a dog, I am here to tell you that it is more cruel to assume your dog is human, overlooking their natural wants and needs. All dog behavior issues stem from humans who are not practicing natural dogmanship. Not providing what the dog needs in their life, from exercise, both mental and physical, to the leadership they all crave. What one thing means to a human may mean the total opposite to a dog. Dogs all around the world receive mixed signals from humans. Any dog who misbehaves is missing something in their lives. A dog's temperament is a direct result of the owners ability to understand him and give him what he instinctually needs as a canine animal. There are no bad dogs... just uneducated owners. And yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks. It's NEVER too late to turn a dogs behavior around.