Understanding Dog Behaviour

We all know that dogs are living things and not mechanical creatures or robots, nor are they humans with the thinking capability of humans, yes they are intelligent among other animals and can be trained well but still you can't expect them to be perfect. Dog's lack reasoning and emotional capabilities but in the same time they have certain capabilities that make them dear to us.

Now that the level of intelligence of your dog is established we all know that dogs are smart pets that get along with humans well and are loved by people all over the world. Although not entirely intelligent dogs have great abilities and can be taught to do several things by their owners. Dogs are instinctive animals and do a lot of actions on instinct, for example even a well trained dog can bite other humans, because of its instincts and how it perceives a situation. We humanize our dogs and do not realize that naturally the dog is an instinctive animal and even though it can be trained there are certain things that will work on instinct. according to scientific surveys, 99% of the times a dog bites a human it is because of something that the human has done, the bite is a reaction to an action taken by the human.

In the world every animal in general have a universal language which they can understand and that is the language of emotions which make every living thing reacts. So the power of analyzing such emotions are more in animals as compare with human like your dog know that you are displeased when you walk in to the room in anger because they can feel that anger and can react on that, so the only way to make your dog understand RIGHT or WRONG or GOOD or BAD is to catch him at the time when they are committing any deed or the split second before. Knowning and understanding your dog will help you better train it and communicate with it.