Dog Disease - Dog Distemper

If we own a pet it can be a great experience for us to take good care of its health and grooming needs, give it the right nutrition and the right atmosphere to thrive in. But if the same loved pet of ours falls sick we get affected and suffer on behalf of its health, we try our best to give it the right treatment at the earliest so our pet does not suffer due to the illness. One serious disease in dogs is dog distemper also known as canine distemper; this disease is fatal in dogs in about fifty percent of the dogs that contract the disease. In case your dog is diagnosed with this disease you should be prepared that you might lose your pet to this dangerous disease. As a pet owner you should be aware of the diseases that might affect your dog, what causes these disease and what are the ways to treat the disease.

What is Dog Distemper or Canine Distemper?
This is a very dangerous disease in dogs, and is fatal for many dogs that are affected by this disease. The cause of this dog disease is a virus called paramyxovirus, this virus is also commonly called CDV, a highly dangerous virus once in the dog’s system survival of your beloved pet is highly unlikely. Once the dog contracts the virus it starts affecting several internal systems and organs of your dog. An effective vaccine was developed and is available to dog owners since 1950; proper use of this vaccine in good time can prevent your dog from contracting the disease.

What types of Dogs are affected by this disease?
This disease usually affects young puppies between the age of 3 and 6 months. At this age during their development stages their immune systems are quite weak and vulnerable, the immune system is in development stage and not fully functional. These puppies are well protected against the disease as long as they are feeding on their mothers milk which carries anti bodies to keep disease away. Vaccination should be done in a timely fashion to prevent these pets from contracting this disease.

What are the symptoms of Dog Distemper disease?
Every ailment and disease has its own particular symptoms, so does this dog disease known as dog distemper. Some symptoms can be confusing and can be mixed up with other disease so in case you witness any of these symptoms consult your vet at the earliest. Some of the prominent symptoms of Canine distemper are:
•    Reduced appetite
•    Coughing
•    Pneumonia
•    Discharge from the eyes and nose.
•    Fever
•    Vomiting
•    Seizures

Treating the Dog Distemper disease
After the disease is diagnosed in your dog, the veterinary will be the best person to deal with it and will guide you as to the mode of treatments available. Several ways of treating this disease are available. Intravenous fluids are used to strengthen the dog and hydrate it. Antibiotics are used to treat secondary infections. In some cases anti seizure medicine is also prescribed. Vitamins and vitamin injections are also given to boost the immune system of the dog. If the dog is suffering from severe diarrhea the vet will prescribe medicine for that so the dog does not become weak. Although a dangerous dog disease, dog distemper can be treated in fifty percent of the cases, an early diagnoses and proper treatment will make your dog feel better and maybe save its life.