Puppy / Dog Care

Do you have a dog or a puppy? If yes than this article will help you understand more about your dog. Dogs are like humans if you only take care of them. It is very necessary to understand that dogs need to be taken care of a bit more extra than any other animal. All animals require proper care. Some dogs are sensitive and therefore need to be taken more care of. Sometimes we get a little busy with our daily lives that we forget to take care of our dogs. My request to people who don’t have time, please do not keep a dog.  Dogs are indeed man’s best friend, but to look after a dog is not easy. 

When a dog is small or puppies for example they need to be handled more carefully as it is that time when we train them. If proper training is given to your puppy then he turns out to be a civilized dog. It is necessary for you to take special care by bathing the puppy at least once a week. The puppy should be vaccinated according to the vet. A visit to the vet monthly is ideal for any dog.

Proper meals on time is essential for dogs, giving food out of your plate is not a healthy diet for a dog. It is necessary that proper dog food is given to your dog in order for it to stay fit and active. Dogs require regular brushing in order for their hair not get tangled and knotted.  Dogs require special care and treatment. You should take your dog for a walk daily and even training your dog not to pee or poop in the house is very necessary. 

Training dog not to pee or poop in the house is the most difficult. Everything has a way. Therefore it is necessary for you to first understand the psychology of your dog. If it does not listen then don’t get angry of upset. Dogs are like children each one need to be trained properly and in a different way.  

Remember it is very important for every master to make a special bond with their dog only then will you be able to train it properly. Proper care and guidance on dogs is very important for everyone who has a dog. There are books available on this site there is a guide for people to take care of their dogs. Remember if you really love your dog research before you give it anything new to eat or try something new. Best of luck to you and your dog!