Getting to know your Puppy

If you have a puppy let me inform you about something. Puppies are very nosy. They love to inspect, but chewing on anything can be the best game played ever. At the time of arrival in your new house you friend will cover everything in a mess and will pick up things from the ground.
When your pup begins to get its teeth now that is where it all begins. Teething time attends challenges, even the most timid pups will chew on the things in your house, and it’s just a phase not that it is going to do that for the entire time.
Be prepared with a few strong toys and chew bones so your pet has something he's allowed to chew on.
You may also want to have a baby gate on hand for times when you need to keep your puppy confined to a single room. 

Your puppy will grow quite rapidly during his first year, so he needs a quality food that will provide him with the nutrition he needs. Puppy food is generally higher in protein than adult dog food, and is usually a smaller size kibble that is easier to chew. You can also provide extra nutrition by choosing chew bones that contain added vitamins, minerals, and protein.

Dogs have different types of coat care needs. It is a must that puppies are kept neat and clean basic cleaning includes:
·         Brushing
·         Bathing
·         Nail trimming
·         Ear cleaning
·         Tooth brushing

To train a puppy requires a lot of effort. To train it like a good child who listens to you is very important.
·         Obedience training is a gift which is the basis of your teaching your pup that will proceed for the rest of your dog's life. It is necessary that your dog should understand when you ask it to sit, “stay” and “down” these are the measure that help you to control your Dog.

·         Training a dog not to excrete in the house is the biggest challenge. Potty training is necessary if you wish to live with your pup in peace. Make sure you take your dog for a walk and train it to the word potty which it should understand means excreting.
Puppy care requires your energetic participation. It is a great achievement in the effort is really put in.