Dog Disease - Kennel Cough Disease in Dogs

Dogs over time become a part of our family and any suffering that we might notice in our dogs worry us as to their pain. We want to know what dog disease might be affecting our pet and how we can remedy the situation. If we notice our dog wheezing and coughing all the time we will be very worried about the well being of our dog and we would want to get our pet thoroughly checked for any dog disease that it might be suffering from. A dog that is coughing and wheezing continuously is most likely suffering from a common dog disease known as Kennel cough. Kennel cough disease in dogs is a very contagious disease in dogs and is characterized by an inflammation of the upper respiratory system of the dog.

Causes of Kennel Cough in Dogs
Kennel cough can be caused to numerous reasons; these reasons can be viral infections like canine distemper, canine adenovirus, canine Para influenza virus or canine respiratory corona virus. This dog disease can also be caused by bacterial infections like bordetella bronchiseptica. The name of the disease is kennel cough because it primarily spreads to dogs living in close quarters with other dogs like in a kennel environment. The disease is very infectious but it is not very serious in dogs. As a pet owner if you feel that your dog is suffering from kennel cough you should get it treatment as soon as possible because although the disease in itself is not fatal but a prolonged spell of kennel cough can lead to other more serious problems for your dog.

Symptoms of Kennel Cough in Dogs
Dogs suffering from the kennel cough disease will show several symptoms. These symptoms should indicate a problem with your pet’s health and treatment should be started at the earliest. The most common symptom of this disease in dogs is a continuous dry cough, other symptoms include retching, sneezing, gagging, and sometimes a dog suffering from kennel cough will likely even vomit. Sometimes the disease can cause the dog to have fever. Kennel cough in dogs will generally last between 10-20 days but there can be a relapse if the dog is not well taken care of and its immune system is weak.

Treatment for Kennel Cough Disease
Kennel cough is a disease that is not very dangerous in dogs and can be treated very easily. Your dog’s veterinary care provider will guide you to the best form of treatment your dog should get. Usually a dog suffering from kennel cough disease will be administered antibiotics which will help in its swift recovery. Sometimes Vitamin C can be very effective treatment. A veterinary might administer a nasal vaccine to prevent any further kennel cough attacks in your dog. Inoculations are available which can be administered intravenously to protect your dog against this disease. You should be aware of all treatment options available for your dogs well being but it is best you let a qualified vet treat your dog according to its symptoms. A healthy dog is a great companion, Look out for your pets health and get it checked regularly for any dog disease.

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