Dealing with dogs

People all around the world talks about their Dogs, they discuss the problems that they faces to trained their dogs. They asked different people and sent application to different sites to solve their problem. This is a big question around dog lovers that what actually is required by a dog and the answer is they just need love’ DOGS JUST NEED LOVE’ we all know that Dogs are pack animals they want to live in a structured environment with some norms and rules. They are looking for love with a leader ship that makes them happy and alive, dogs need to know their boundaries and limits and they do not like to go beyond these lines  but what make them to be in those lines is leadership and affection.

Dogs are not Wolves they are not strong like Wolves and nether they have strong instinct as the wolf, but they did evolve from the wolf and still may retain the many of the same behaviors. All dogs are mammal of the canidae family of the order carnivore which is a domesticated subspecies of the wolf so they always have some instincts of wolf which make them strong.

When dogs live with human the human becomes their pack. It is on you that you realize it or not but your dog has an order of the pack in their head. In most household the leader is the dog which is very stressful for them because of which they lot of unwanted behaviors emerge. Behavior which most of human do not like to be in their dogs that’s why they faces the problems regarding dogs and their control.

A lot of people ask if a submissive follower dog can still be a good guard or watch dog. The answer is a BIG yes. The best guard and watch dogs out there are those who listen to the owners and watch their owners for direction. Should the owners not be able to direct the dog can and will instinctively still protect their pack. Stable minded, stress free, instinctively satisfied dogs make the best watch and guard dogs.