The varied Sizes, Shapes and Temperaments of Dog breeds

Dogs come in all shapes sizes and varied temperaments, perhaps dogs also known as Canis familiaris is one species on the planet with the most variety in shapes, sizes and temperaments among domesticated animals. When you look at the different breeds of dogs around you, you will notice everything from a tiny 2 pound designer dog to a 200 pound trained farm dog which are used for protection of flocks on farms around the world. When it comes to the shapes of dogs you will notice features unique to each breed. Some dog breeds might have very short muzzles while others may have elegant long noses. Then you will see certain dog breeds that are powerful with short, sturdy bodies, while other breeds of dogs that have long legs and bodies which assist them in running. You will also notice some breeds with no hair while others have long flowing coats. Some breeds of dogs are friendly and social while others are ferocious and protective.

You will notice that the variables in dog breeds are quite diverse and therefore choosing the right dog for your family is a very important decision that warrants great thought and planning, a hurried or impulsive decision about getting a dog for your family can lead to a lot of problems. A dog might seem very cute and cuddly but do you know anything about that breed other than its physical attributes. A big ferocious looking dog could look appealing to you but would it be safe around your family and small kids, These types of questions should be part of your research on the dog breed before you decide on buying the dog, unfortunately most people do more research when buying a computer or a television compared to making the decision of adding a dog to the family.

On our website we have a dedicated section on dog breeds where we have provided you with profiles of more than 300 dog breeds, you will be able to obtain information on each dog breeds, their shapes and sizes, their temperaments, their personality, and behavioral traits, also each article has specific health and disease information for that particular dog breed. A lot of research has gone into providing you with individual profiles for each breed. Our dog breeds section will help you decide and make a choice on what breed of dog you should choose for your house and family.