Dog Disease - List of Protozoal Dog Diseases

Here you will find a list of some Protozoal Dog Diseases we already have detailed information on some of these diseases and we will continuously be adding more dog diseases to the database. It is important that you know about these diseases to maintain the health of your dog, to know symptoms and treatments for these common dog diseases.
  • Giardiasis is an infection in dogs intestines caused by the protozoa Giardia lamblia. Symptom common with this type of dog disease is diarrhea. The zoonotic potential of giardiasis is controversial.
  • Coccidiosis can be caused by a several coccidian organisms in dogs, most commonly Isospora. There are usually no symptoms, but diarrhea and weight loss may occur and point to the disease, look out for symptoms and consult a vet if you have any doubts.
  • Leishmaniasis is a dog disease that is spread by the sandfly, and in the dog as well as human has both cutaneous and visceral forms. The dog is considered to be the reservoir for human disease in the Americas.
  • Babesiosis is a dog disease spread by members of the family Ixodidae, or hard ticks. The two species of the genus Babesia that affect dogs are B. canis and B. gibsoni. Babesiosis can cause hemolytic anemia in dogs.
  • Neosporosis is dog disease caused by Neospora caninum.