Anxiety in Dogs

This article is about the anxiety problems with the dogs. A fictitious story is attached with it and has no resemblance to any dog’s private personality. So today I would like to talk to you about Dog’s anxiety. This is something that many people do notice but due to their not happening behavior they do seem to go bonkers at time. This is a general phenomena  that takes place in every dog’s life, at times a dog even doesn’t know why is he reacting so bad at some circumstances.

In our observation we had a dog “Jack”. Jack being a trained dog at initial stages did not trouble dogs so much; in fact he was very helpful until the night that rained heavily. In our training center the dog owner “Jim” came up with a new psyche saying that his dog does rain dance. This even gave us jitters down our spine and we thought the dog had some specialty that needs to be explored. As it became a little dark we showered the dog just to see if he danced or not but he did not do it. Know this case became fishier for us than it smelt initially. So we kept jack with us till it actually rained. The night it rained it seemed as if the dog had some spirit in him. For a trainer saying that sounds funny but it did happen but we had captured the some moments before his dance started. On rewinding a couple of times we found out that the dog had actually sensed the rain coming. This is one of the hidden talents that a dog has and not only that but the dog danced like crazy and nothing seemed to stop him.

Here starts the actual of a dog trainer. We went hill high and valleys below but instead of studying dog psychology we had to study science fiction. After losing all hopes in the modern and ancient researches we went to the weather update guys and told him that are dog could sense when it rains or storms. Initially he was like “we want to hire your dog” but jokes a part some things are not just in the dog’s book and clubs. We were told that there is a static energy that comes with the air on the humidity changing that gives a current like feel to the dog’s which is the reason of the dog’s anxiety. This was not astonishing but also amazing that one gets to know how nature reacts with animals as well. A static energy being produced made him sensed the rain coming and on increase on rain affected the dog even more.

This maintained pressure acts on the sensory receptors that communicate with jack’s brain and his central nervous system. When wearing an Anxiety Wrap, the dog is protected from this static and it helps produce a calming of the dog's mind and body. I'm not sure exactly how this works from the dog's perspective but many people have had good success with this kind of product.

This wrap is now readily available in the market after this case was solved. This wrap is said to be very helpful for many of the dog’s some do even do face failures but then it’s also the kind and quality of wrap you get. Do not compromise on your dog’s health and give him the best. Not all dogs’ having an allergy to the static electricity this anxiety is observed in rare species but it depends again on the way you treat the dog.

You need to be just be very careful with the weather updates as in if rains then just keep the wrap along with you so that as you know it is felling weird you can always put the wrap on him. Know it is not just the rain but also at times painting makes them feel anxiety which is not good for them. We normally take these things as DOG’S DANCE! This is very incorrect! We enjoy their pain in many different ways not knowing that they are in pain so it would be better like how Jim did, consult a reputed trainer and have your dog analyzed properly so that you know how to go about.