Dog Disease - Symptoms of Dog Pregnancy

The good news arrives at your home this summer. But the question comes is your dog pregnant? Because if she is then it is good but to detect it at earlier stages is better. Normally their appetite goes down and they would not have food at all. Their ignorance to food is something that you should notice so that you should taking precautionary measures. They also at times at the initial stages when they mate with other dogs know this habit is just like humans. Women also feel nauseate tic and feel low if had an intimacy done some days back.  But it is not something to worry about it will start eating back once it is out of its lazy phase.

There are some symptoms that normally dogs have I would like to discuss that with you so that it may become easy for you to tackle the situation.

You will notice that your dog will be felling very lethargic in the initial stages. The dog will stop moving around a lot and would not be so helpful. Know even when a child or a new born baby stops showing progress he is taken by his parents to the doctor. We being as dog owners are completely responsible for the dog’s health. The dog should be taken to a vet as soon as possible if no gradual change is seen in him for a very long time. They would start feeling dizzy which is another symptom of the dog being pregnant. Feeling dizzy is due to the pregnancy process that starts taking place in the dogs and they do not know how to react with it.

There are some gradual changes that take place in the dog’s body. This change is due to the pregnancy process which is taking place in the dog’s body. Know the most noticeable change that is noticed is that the dog gains weight and its nipples become big. It gains weight due to the baby’s weight being added to its body and the nipples get big because the body is being prepared for the baby to be fed.  This change is also noticed in humans so for which you do not have to be very much confused and can comprehend easily.

Female dogs mostly go at extremes. Either they can be really affectionate or they can be very irrational, depends on their moods. Dogs do have mood swings when they are pregnant. At times they can be very emotional and loving. They would just keep on licking you and would love to be admired by you. On the other hand they get irrational due to the harmonic changes that take place in their bodies they get confused. They end up not comprehending it so they just start acting irrational at times so that they can just let the frustration out. This situation has to be dealt as they are on a sensitive stage.

There is certain flair of eating that your dog would be facing during the initial stages of its pregnancy. But then later it will catch up with the diet and this is on the very important symptoms. Another symptom is it gets a bump in its belly. This bump is due to its pregnancy, you can also feel the bump in its belly to have a confirmation whether the dog is pregnant or not. After a few weeks you would feel some movement in the abdomen it’s know a womb and the movement is of the baby. Even if you notice it at this time start taking good care of your dog as this a very sensitive stage.

Once you notice the nipples getting bigger in size you will also notice that the dog will have discharge of milk. This is a sign that the dog is about to give birth, another symptom is that their temperature rises and falls down fractionally. It can either be high or low too. Normally it stays at 99farhenite but still you never know what may be coming to your dog.

All the above heads are the measures through which you can get to know if your dig is pregnant or not. But something that is very important, do not allow the dog to re-produce before a year. It is not advisable by the kennel board too. So welcome the new member to your family and be careful.