Choose the Right Dog Breeds

If you have decided to get a dog at last so you should realize that there are at least over 400 breeds that exist. To choose one of them or should I re-phrase it as, having a fancy of dog wouldn't be hard to do. But what is actually tough is to have the right breed. Know when we talk about the right breed, there are many questions that arise for having a perfect dog who would suit your life style and would adjust with environment too. This does bring up some of the biggest questions and it also is like a forecast of your life with the dog you opt for. There are some questions that you are supposed to think about.

Do you want an adult dog or pup?
The question is not of having a adult or pup, the question is can you handle a adult dog? If you are a new dog owner then the best thing for you would be that you should go for a pup. Because of you land up saying “the dog ain’t good enough” that would be incorrect. It all depends on you that you would you bring it up. If you don’t know you can also start up with a small breed.

Do you want a lap dog or a guard Dog?
Know what do you want a lap dog or a guard dog. Lap dog cannot perform the job of a guard dog and a guard dog cannot perform the duties of a guard dog. So if you need a guard dog then having a lap one would be a bad choice. You need to spend on something that you need or you’ll end up selling things you actually need. Normally there are specific breeds for both. You need to consult a good breeder or kennel for having one.

Do you want a male or female?
The biggest question of them all what do you need a male or a female? It is very important to know the sex you require in dogs because a female has a lot difference than the male ones. A female needs to be given more attention because it bears little pups. You need to keep in mind at least a gap of two years should be given. A male is to be trained on the basis of either you require a lap or guard dog. His or her allergies are also something that should be kept in mind.

The first thing that you need to do is consult a professional dog breeder or kennel. You need to make sure he is a reputed dog breeder. By reputed dog breeder we mean someone who a less number of dog breeds and does not go for mass production. He should be well versed about all the breeds he has and the ones can be produced. Above all the most important thing is that he should be registered with the “kennel club”. He should consult him as to what is your per annum income and the kind of environment you live in. This would help him comprehend your situation and give you a right suggestion. Or you can always also go to some of cordial who has had an experience of handling a dog to suggest you.

You need to know think about the breed you want. If you want a purebred which normally people prefer over the mix breed. For instance if you go for a “German Shepherd” you will experience its color, coat and looks would similar to the rest of the breed. The only problem is that the purebred has more genetic deformities and allergies than the mix breed. They shed more and have a higher a tendency of allergies than the mix breeds. It needs to be given more attention.

On the contrary mix breed are very difficult to judge for their expressions as to what are they trying to express. Normally if both the parents are a mix breed then the dog has more qualities to show. As they possess qualities of all breeds which is unanimous. They shed very less but at times hard to train because you cannot try a particular breed’s remedy on it. You may have to derive the way out. A mix breed wouldn’y has many things in common with its parents. They are purely individuals.

There temperament is something that needs to be discussed. If you notice normally purebred are more rigid. If they are timid then they are timid and if they are wild then they are wild. But this is not the case with mix breed, they are good at behavior and respond well to strangers but it all depends on the way it’s trained. The mix are rather said to have more mannerism and if taught can be good guard dogs too.

As you are following are road map, you are know at the final step on which the future years depends. If you plan to take your pup or dog to exhibition like conformation shows, obedience trials, field trials, herding tests, or other American Kennel Club sponsored events, you must get a purebred. But you have desire to have a companion who could just stay at home and be a good house dog then a mix breed would be the best example for you.

If you have no aspirations to win a blue ribbon then you can always to move for a mix breed. But then you need to take good care of it and train them well. They are easier to handle and low at purchase. The only reason I would suggest you to get a mix breed is that it’s got a cool temperament and enjoys Strangers Company. They are friendly loving and love kids too. Know it entirely depends on you as to what kinds of dog you want to get.