Rare and Unusual Dog Breeds

Dogs are in today’s world not taken as a pet any more. They are more often taken as man’s best friend. The saying has gained a lot of importance and it’s not only the words they even exist. Dogs back then were kept more under surveillance and suspect and were not treated the way they should be treated.  But now the scenario is a lot more different. There are many dogs that are more like stars for man. Some are small breeds which are very expensive and some are the big breeds which are very famous. Dogs have now earned their way by all their loyalty and honesty. Hence there are some dogs that are still unusual to the eye. They seem to be known but still have lesser popularity than the rest. It is always good to discuss the ones that are “known to be unknown”.

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This breed is available in both with and without hair. They are known for having a variety of looks. A breed of it is called “Powder-puff” which is hairless. This breed is fine boned and only grows up to 11 to 13inches when it becomes completely mature. Some dogs of this breed have hair and some just have hair on its toes. It’s a unique small breed and is very playful and loving. Should be taken under good care and at the same time and also trained properly. They are easy to train but if not trained can be a little difficult to handle. It loves to be with family and is very trustworthy. May be a little shy and reserved with strangers and would take a little time to gel up.

It has a very light skin and pigments on it which makes it look very different. It has an approximate height of 27inches and is naturally breaded for fighting. Days back this breed was used for dog fight games. They are also a good choice to be a guard dog. Jumping high is one of its most important qualities which make it more unique. They are not very easy to train but if trained in a proper manner can be very loyal and would know how to behave with strangers. This breed is family oriented dog and loves to be in a gathering, if left alone can sulk alone to death.

This breed is a huge dog. The dog is covered with large masses of ringlets which hang down to the ground. They are quite hairy and have a coat which looks like a coat of cords. This breed is exceptionally beautifully and the cords that they have can be in different in colors like and cream. Its approximate height when it grows mature can be up to 287 inches and they have maximum weight of 100pounds. The breed loves to play with kids and is very cute. Being a huge breed it is patient and on training well could be the best pup of the all.

This breed is said to be a herding dog. In ancient times dogs were used to lead the herd of sheep’s. Imagine the kinds of work were taken from dogs. They grow up to 17 inches in their mature age. It has a shaggy coat which drops down just like the “Komodo-r” but its coat is also available in grey. They are very friendly with kids and you might see some of them at your next door leading the kids to their vans or elsewhere. These pups are very sensitive and if they are dealt with a little anger can be scared of you or wouldn’t respond well.

When completely mature it is 32 inches and has a course of hair of at least 3 to 4inches which hangs all over the place. The breed is very good with kids and is very expressive with face which makes it a unique dog. It has got excellent expression and in can easily make out whether the dog is sad or happy. It has a very gentle way to go about with strangers and is very faithful.

This dog is more famous for being called a “Wrinkle Dog”. The reason why it is called a wrinkle dog is because it has wrinkle and needs proper brushing once a week and a wash too. The breed is said to be an honest breed and hardworking too. It does not express much but when gets erratic can get enough wild. It needs to be trained before so that the owner may not face trouble. It is playful and asks for attention.

There exist many types of breeds and they all have different qualities. If you have opted to purchase to breed then it would be essential for you to have a complete research about the dog you buy. Remember! It is never the dog you buy it depends on the way you treat it. I would suggest you not to but an unusual breed because it might cost of you if you cannot control it. It is better to start with small breed and simultaneously keeps gaining experience for the breed that you would want to have.  Once you have a complete knowledge about the dog then you can always move on to buy your breed but do keep in mind that the previous dog u had should be given equal preference and should not feel left out. There is no point in buying a pup and losing one. Whatever your choice is the dog has his own choice and can also feel. Maximum dogs are very sensitive so you need to be careful about this too. Having said all of this I would like to sum up on just one thought that the ones who are “known to be unknown” have their own space and share of fame and the ones who are known also have the same. But are job is to provide them the best things if we make a decision of having them.