Types of Dogs

There exist many types of dog’s breeds but by the American kennel 146 are only recognized. By types we mean the kind of nature they possess and what are their usual habits. The board has made sub-groups to these types so that when one study he would get to know about the variety of dogs that exist in the world.  The following are the sub-groups to the types of dogs.

This breed is famous to be known for fighting dogs and racing games. They are very enthusiastic and vigilant. But their habit of being too aggressive is not too good. At times loose temper and get really furious. The breeders are now working to get there temper low as much as they can. They are to be trained at initial stages, the group includes Staffordshire terrier, border terriers, bull terriers, fox terriers, and jack Russell terriers. They are known to be fearless and assertive and can be a best choice for a guard dog.

The non sporting dogs are mostly different in size and stature from the rest of the dogs. This is what makes them different from the ones who are too fast. This breed has been breaded a lot for having companion dogs. Companion dogs are required for many of the dog owners and especially for those who are new to this field. In houses where toddlers and children are they this playful breed would be just the right choice. This breed poodles chow , Dalmatian, American Eskimo, French bulldog, and Boston terrier. All these pups are very friendly and loving. They possess a very playful nature which is the core personality.

The very reason they are called toy pups is because they are enough cute and too small. They are more like toddler pup who remain small. This breed is mostly used by the high elite class and is very expensive. Being portable is the quality of this breed and these dogs are not harmful. Their training is not very difficult and only responds only when asked with respect. They are very good with strangers which most of the dogs are not and playful with the kids too. This breed consists of Boston terrier, cavalier King Charles spaniel, Chihuahua, Papillion, toy poodle and pug.

This breed includes the American water spaniel, Chesapeake Bay retriever, pointer, Irish water spaniel and Labrador retriever. This breed is very active and can do almost all kinds of job. Being fun loving serving its master is one of its best qualities. They are a hardworking breed and very sporty. The very reason they come under the sub-title of sporting is due to its quality of being sporty and playing games. This loyal breed is good at hunting and swimming too.

The name says it all! This breed is breaded for doing work and they are very good at it. They are fondly used by the police and the military people to do jobs like such as water rescues, pulling dog sleds, and avalanche rescue. These jobs can only be done by specific breeds like Bernard dogs, Dobermans; boxers. They are just a few of many working breeds.

The Hunter or Hound Dogs are famous for hunting their prey. They normally have a very strong smelling sense or they are very fast. This is what makes the breed a sharp shooter in hunting. Dogs in the hound group are beagles, black and tan coonhounds, American foxhound, and the bloodhound. These dogs do a great job and it wouldn’t be wrong to say they can be the best choice of being a guard dog.

In olden days they were used to lead the herd of sheep’s which eventually gave them a title of being a herd dog. They are great companion and are now used in houses and are the famous breed to have as pet. They still have a very strong intrinsic of leading families or kids to their destinations which is just a unique quality to know about a dog. They are very friendly and jolly. They can be trained by many exercises and are easy to train. But if not trained they can be violent. This breed includes Australian cattle dog, Border collie, Belgian sheepdog, collie, Pembroke Welsh corgi, and German shepherd and Shetland sheepdogs.

No matter you do not possess a purebred dog but what is more important is the dog that you have you should know a lot about it. This is what makes you a good Dog Keeper. It’s never about the breed you have it’s the way you treat that breed. Man’s best friend has to be taken care off in these days where you would hardly find an honest being you get an honest pet. Know the choice is entirely yours.