Personalities of Small Dog Breeds

The moment, day or time you decide when you to a small breed you should know all aspects of its personality. When you read this article you will be amazed or even get jitters to know the kind of personality they possess. Most of them are playful and very helpful which increases the love for them. They are usually used at pet dogs at home and are expensive to purchase. But some of them even get erratic too know the idea is to know the reason behind all that plays in their head. Like human they do feel, have emotions and above all being a faithful breed when its emotion are hurt they feel bad. This article has a different kind of over view on the small breeds.

You may feel while reading it talk a lot about its emotions but that’s the entire idea or should I say the motive behind it. Many times people just sell their dogs catchers or some others if they find them being abnormal. If we have a clear study as to what breed could fit in their house and suit are lifestyle it wouldn’t be difficult to handle one. But since people do not have a detailed study about the breed they opt for they face difficulties.

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They weigh round about eight to twelve pounds. In this breed there are two kinds of dogs one is the rough type and the other is the soft type. The rough one can be a little tricky to handle if not trained properly and not only that they might land up breaking stuff in the house too. This kind needs brushing twice a week. The ones who are of a smooth nature are very timid and require brushing once a week. These dogs are very friendly and fun loving. They are too good if taught how to perform a job and love to be around families. Are not much of stranger friendly but manage to get along. Their average life span is twelve years.

There life span is almost eleven to twelve years maximum. These pups being small being small are vigilant enough to do any kind of job. They do not like to excursive a lot but are very playful. Families and friends would love this breed as it loves to play. They are very sharp and have got a strong smelling sense too. They love be in house rather than going out. If you are an outgoing person then this would be a wrong choice for you. They like to be in a seclude environment and like to spend maximum time with their owners. A faithful breed which is becomes exceptional with all these qualities.

If you have a backyard and are a playful owner then this breed would be the best choice. As this breed loves to hang around and exercise a lot. They do not shed a lot so you just need to brush them once a week which would be more than enough. They can be great watch dogs and protect you too. They have a loud and can bark but you need to pay less attention to their attention or they might start barking loud all the time and make this a routine habit. They love being with a family or its owner and famous to be called a “Family Oriented Dog”.

They require trimming in three to six weeks and brushing quite late as they do not shed a lot so it’s good to be keeping as they prove to be less messy than the other breeds and take lesser time to be groomed. This breed is very friendly and loving but at the same time they require a lot of attention of the families. If this cute breed feels deprived of its masters attention it can start sulking and go gradually stop eating. This can even bring its health down. They are wonderful dogs and are salt and pepper, solid black or black and silver colored.

You need to provide it a dog home and give him the best as they require to be treated very well. If not then they would get irrational. Another part of the story is that they act upon strangers rudely and aggressively. It takes time to them to get friendly with strangers. They are very good as pet, a lot faithful and loyal too. They come in many colors and have short hair. They need to be bushed once week at least. Since their average life span is fourteen years they are a lifelong pet you can rely on. They need to be taken out a lot and love to be in cooler areas.

They weigh at least six pounds and have a low appetite. It is a friendly breed and is very careful for all their duties. Very playful and good at dealing with children, it needs to be trained at early stages so that they the May not become erratic or irrational. At the same hand they do not appreciate strangers a lot. They do get friendly but takes its time. A regular check of the vet is very essential for them too. They love stay with their masters and are a loyal breed too. They are basically a lap dog and love to be in small places so that for them to adjust is not too difficult. This breed is an expensive breed and is mostly seen with the elite class.

The very reason they are called toy pups is because they are enough cute and too small. They are more like toddler pup who remain small. This breed is mostly used by the high elite class and is very expensive. Being portable is the quality of this breed and these dogs are not harmful. Their training is not very difficult and only responds only when asked with respect. They are very good with strangers which most of the dogs are not and playful with the kids too. They are extremely very intelligent at the same time sensitive if spoken harshly. Needs weekly brushing and after very four to six months should be groomed. There average span of life is eleven years and are not much of an out going pet. They love to spend most of the time at home with their masters. If you are an outgoing person then it would be a bad choice for you to go for this pet but if you love to spend time mostly at home this would be just the right choice for you.

Every kind of dog has its own specialty we need to realize as to how special it is. It is not necessary if you get to know about a dog is erratic or gets out of hands they happen to be a bad breed but try and find out the reason why they do so? It is never the choice of pup it’s the treatment that you give him. If you are well versed about a dog then for you to handle him wouldn’t be that difficult. We as being human do not like a lot of things and act upon it. Know does that make us a bad breed too? Once again I would like to quote “It is not the choice you make, it is all about the treatment you give”, know be it dogs or humans.