Dog Breeds that Love Water

When we normally talk about dogs that love to swim we come up with two names that are the Lab and Golden Retriever but it’s not just these two breeds that can swim and we have brought you a list for those dogs that can actually swim. This list compromises of all those dogs that are water freaks and love to swim. It is such a pleasure to know the nature of God is so generous to make an animal so capable of doing more than one skill. A dog swimming might be ordinary for many but for the lovers of dogs “you know how it feels right?” If you are an outgoing person and love to swim then this breed would just suit you. Lets jump on the list of our swimming freak breeds.

For details of the specific dog breed click on the title of the breed below and you will be taken to a detailed article on the particular breed and diseases that affect that dog breed.

This is a Belgian breed and its name is pronounced (Skipper-keep). It weighs about 7 to 20 LBS. They are a friendly breed and good at picking up instructions. They are very keen and obedient but should be trained at initial stages. If not trained this breed be very stubborn and out of control.  This breed was initially known as “Belgian Barge Dogs” in ancient times they were used in boats to keep them free from all kinds of pest. They love to be in water and are great at swimming.

They are said to be one the most wanted dogs of today. All over the place they have an extraordinary market and mostly people who love to swim would love buy them. They have a long puppy hood but are clumsy till the age of three. After they turn mature they are happen to be very responsible and family loving breeds. They were introduced for hunting waterfowl and are great swimmers. They have a thick coat which helps them to swim and is water repellant.

These dogs love to be water or we can phrase it as the breed made with gills. It is a unique breed of the gundogs and they weigh approximately 30 to 51 LBS. it has got white checks on its body which provoke the birds to fly closer to it. They are hard working dogs and very friendly among the family they live. They love to play in water but at times they do have some mood swings too. They are at times reserved and fragile.

This breed is a versatile breed and is immensely talented. Being a breed of gundog they are also work as assistant to the fishermen. They weigh about 31 to 49 LBS and have a curly coat which acts as a water repellent. They are available in many colors like Black, Brown, White and Beige. Some are also in bi-colors (black, brown and white).  They are not recommended to new dog owners as they have a tendency to be wild and irrational.

It weighs from 55 to 65 LBS and is said to b one of the largest swimming dogs. They have a curly coat and do not shed a lot. This is what makes it a good choice for them. They are a hardworking breed and are suppose to have an access to water as they are born to live with water. It has a funny looking tail and appears to be like a rat. They have webbed feet which helps them to swim and are good companion for a family.

This breed dives in our list as the humorous dogs of all. Weighing 100 -150 LBS. They are used as rescue dogs in the water and are known for their sweet and loving persona they carry. They were originally bred to pull the fishermen’s net. They are crazy about kids. Their long coats should be brushed in a daily basis.

This is a unique breed weighing up to 57LBS and is related to the gundog family. This breed happens to be very vigilant and fast. At the same time they are also known to be great life savers. They love to swim in pounds and pools. Their prime passion is to swim and is friendly enough to be a pet. They were initially breeder for hunting purposes but know they swim to be on the list of water freaks.

They are called “Belton” and are the relatives of the above breed “Irish Setters”. The sad part is there color drastically does not match, where as they are avaiable in different colors which are: white with black flecks, black with orange flecks and many more. They are said to be one of the most sesitive breeds and only respond if approached with love. When it comes to be with its master or family they are just too obedient but they should always be given an access to water which is their prime passion.

The breed is an easy to train dog and is always looking forward to take care of its family. They do not fumble with strangers and act with lots of mannerism. They are from the gundog retriever tribe and in olden days used as watch dogs too. The love of swimming is just so overflowing. Rumors related to their prissiness are due to their frilly apperance.

The name says it all. It is a Funny, friendly and fun loving dogs. They love to swim and know their masters very well. On the contrary it weighs around 58LBS and is difficult to keep them away from water. The golden are known for their priceless attitude. They love to swim in lake and seas.

They weigh around 40 to 60lbs and are known to be excellent swimmers. They were used as messengers in the olden times and used to convey messages ships to ship. In those days also helped fishermen in catching up fishes and putting them in the net. Its curly and wavy coat is a unique thing about this breed and you need to relax if you get this one. You would be free from all fur allergies.

The only debatable breed is believed to be developed through selective breeding of the English Water Spaniel, Field Spaniel, Curly Coated Retriever, Irish Water Spaniel, Tweed Water Spaniel, and possibly the Chesapeake Bay retriever. It weighs 24 to 45LBS and was breaded in the 1800’s. They respond well during their training period and rude methods should be avoided with them as they can get a usual habit of biting and barking. This breed is extremely friendly and loves to swim a lot.

Chesapeake Bay retriever: 
This breed was breaded in the 1800s in Maryland. It weighs round about 55 to 80LBS and is said to be a huge breed. They have webbed toes which proves o be an aid for them to swim. They are great swimmers and love to swim all day long. Having a great stamina and working nature makes this dog priceless. They are friendly in nature and can adjust with other animals very well. They only thing they require is good training. Training at initials stages would be preferable for this breed so that it may not become irrational or erratic.