Dog Disease - 10 Most Dangerous Dog Diseases

Dog is man’s best friend and keeping it safe from diseases is your responsibility, there are many diseases that affect dogs, some dangerous some not so dangerous. Most dogs are vaccinated for the various diseases that affect dogs.  Dogs should be given vaccinations but along with that some immunization is also very much necessary for them too. Below we have listed the 10 most dangerous diseases that affect the various dog breeds.

There exist kinds of vaccines that the dogs should be given in the times they need it. These vaccines help in keeping up with their immune system which is again very necessary for them. They are available in two forms one is “MODIFIED LIVE FORMULAS” that kills the weaker germs and “ INACTIVATED FORMULAS” it consist an additional substance known as adjuvant which helps in keeping the immune system. Each kind of vaccine has its own benefit The MODIFIED one has a swift effect but also produces some amount of diseases and the other hand. The “INACTIVATED” one has no side effects but on the contrary has a shelf life of cure.

For detailed articles on each dog disease, including symptoms, prevention and cure click on the dog disease title to go to the dog diseases page for that particular disease.

According to the board of “AVMA” (American Veterinary Medical Association) this is one of the most killer diseases that exist in today’s world. In the normal ratios of Dogs death around 80% of Dogs death do take place because of this Dangerous diseases and 50% percent of the Adult Dogs are suspected to contract due to its endangering effect.

This kind of disease is related not only to the dog but also to its keeper. A highly contagious diseases which is recommended by the state to get the vaccination so that the keeper along with the dog may not get affected. It is ha a furious affect on lessening the number dogs.

Lyme Disease:
Lyme is the main cause for the dogs to get lethargic, having fever, bones issue and low appetite problem. It also includes a lymph node enlargement. Antibiotics and tetracycline can help decreasing the disease.

Heart Worm:
Parasites that effect heart and indulges the dog into a timid cough which later on increases and makes him more slowly is known as Heart Worm. It affects the heart, lungs and arteries very badly and even brings down death in such a condition. These diseases can be prevented on regular basis check-ups and also by “HartGard” which is again the infamous prescription by most of the doctors for the Heart Worm.

Parvovirus (Parvo):
The deadly one which takes the Dog life away from him within 48-72 hours. You may not even know how or when did it happen. So as soon as possible if you see you dog suffering from diarrhea, soft cough low appetite or vomiting get him vaccinated or treated on the maximum.

Kennel Cough:
Its related to the kennels or the kinds of houses they reside in causes them mostly Bronchial diseases and other sort of lung infections which decreases the immunity system and also inflammation of larynx and trachea causes danger to the tubes so they should be vaccinated after every six months.

It’s a kind of a disease that is related to a lethargic behavior of a dog. Know if you notice mostly many dogs go through bacterial problems and suffer from fever,  abnormal blood clotting and the rest these all are symptoms of leptospirosis.

Infectious Canine Hepatitis:
For your dog it is recommended that he should be vaccinated for this disease as soon as possible. If he feels sluggishness and fever, wouldn’t respond these all are symptoms of this disease only. If this disease is not taken in account they dog may die a sudden death too.

Since it is related with diarrhea, fever and vomiting people do get confused and take it as parvovirus but it has a vast difference. But due to loss of appetite and the body being drained it is good for the body to be replaced with essential fluids it requires.