Dog Disease of the Ear

There are several dog diseases that affect the dog, here is a list of dog disease that are specific to and related to the dog's ears.

Dog Disease Ear Infections:
Ear infections are a common dog disease, especially in dog breeds with hanging ears, for example Beagles, and dogs with small ear canals, like Cocker Spaniels. Other factors for ear infection include allergies,  parasites in the ear, and hypothyroidism.

Dog Deafness:
Deafness in dogs can be either acquired or congenital. factors for acquired deafness include chronic infection, use of some drugs, and most commonly, age-related changes in the cochlea. Congenital deafness can be genetic, seen sometimes in dogs with merle or white coats, or caused by in utero damage from infections or toxins.

Fly Strike Dermatitis:
Fly strike dermatitis happens at the tip and folds of the ear in dogs. the cause for fly strike dermatitis is bites of the stable fly, Stomoxys calcitrans.