Dog Disease - Ear Infections

Animals like human’s are prone to all kinds of disease, these dog disease affect the dogs health and well being, and in a way affect us because we feel the suffering of our pet. We want our dogs to be healthy and well so they can always be great companions to us. Since dogs can not communicate their disease in an effective way we have to be vigilant to see signs of dog disease in our dogs and get them fast and effective treatment.

One of the most common dog disease affecting dogs is ear infections, Otitis externa is a very common problem in dogs, and it causes the inflammation of the outer ear and ear canal. Furrier dog breeds are more likely to suffer from this disease, because the fur around the ears of these animals stops the circulation of air flow to the ear canal and creates a warm and moist environment which is the breeding ground for this type of infection. Dogs have a very deep external ear and it is very likely to develop ear infections and ear wax in them if proper care is not taken, proper cleaning and checkups of the ears should also be conducted to keep the dog healthy and away from disease. Infection takes place when there is inflammation or improper grooming. This type of infection is caused by several factors; it can be fungal, bacterial or due to the presence of small insects like ear mites. A proper diagnosis consists of figuring out exactly what could be causing the ear infection in the dog. Once a proper diagnosis is made treatment can be started.

Symptoms of Dog ear infection:
There are several symptoms a dog suffering from ear infection will display, the following symptoms should indicate an issue with the dog’s health and alert you to a possible infection in the ear, any unusual behavior on the part of your pet will indicate some tye of dog disease affecting your dog so be on the lookout for unusual activities by your dog.
  • Dog might shake its head regularly.
  • Scratching of the ear.
  • Dogs’ suffering from infection will paw their ear to relieve pain.
  • Dogs suffering from ear infection also at times rub their ear with different objects.
  • Color changes in the ear, for example a darker red ear.
  • Visible dirt in the dog’s ear.
  • An inflammation of the ear will also indicate an ear infection.
Treatment of ear infection in Dogs:
Ear infections in dogs are easily treated especially if they are caught in time. The dog will not suffer is timely treatment for this dog disease is provided. There are two aspects of treating an ear infection in the dogs, ear cleaning and medication. The cleaning of a dog’s ear is complicated and sensitive; it should be performed by a vet so as to reduce the risk of further infection. Cleaning the ear on a daily basis is required for dogs suffering with infection. After cleaning medication is generally applied in the form of ear drops or ointment for a couple of weeks until the infection is completely cured.

Good care for any dog disease requires an early diagnosis and a timely treatment, caring pet owners are the ones who know their pet and observe their health for any signs of disease or problems, and getting them treatment at the first sign of ill health. A healthy dog will be a great companion any day.