Is The Dog like Human ?

The biggest mistake which we humans, generally make as dog owners, we want our dogs to be as obedient as humans and so we treat them like humans, but the thing, which we forgot while we are doing such acts is that, dogs are not humans, they are canines and have a very different thought process. This is the thing, which differentiates humans with other species in pack.

Societies; there must be a specific order, from the leader on down to the last follower. So every one has its own place and the leaders are the main strength of the pack. The followers always need leaders to guide them to show them the right way. A dog has an instinct to constantly test the being above them and an instinct to be tested by the being below them. And these instincts tell them if there is no one stronger in charge of their life and the life of the rest of their pack is at stake and this small instincts keeps the pack secure and happy.

Dogs generally need rules which they need to follow and it is only humans who make rules for them and train them to follow these rules and limits to what they are allowed to do. So when a dog lives with humans then the human becomes its pack, for the relationship to succeed the human must become the dogs pack leader.

A huge mistake is committed when humans only give love to the dog and the other attributes are overlooked. For a dog regular affection without rules and limits goes against every thing in a dogs instincts. While we love our dog and they enjoy being loved, it does not satisfy the animal and they will never be well balanced, stable minded, secure and happy.

We must remember that affection and love is a human trait not the dogs. We cannot make dog satisfied and well-balanced just by giving them love they require more than this, for example  you need to give them proper emotional stability in order to achieve which you want from your dog.