Dog Disease - Immunization for your Dog

It is a dog owner’s duty to take care of his dog’s health and safety. Know if we look into the dog’s immunity system so now a days in the new generation mostly the dog owners are not very much aware as to how much does the immunity system matters and what is immunization. This article talks about your dog getting immunized and why is immunity so good for all dog breeds.

Now coming forward as to how the immunity system works. Mostly little dogs catch up with sort of antibodies and canine diseases due to which the immunity system goes low. It is all about an injection that is injected to keep his immunity system going on as more as possible. The reason why this injection is used is because to make the immunity system stronger so when ever these antibodies or disease enter the body the dogs would be immunized on such an extent that it could fight with those germs and keep healthy.

If you ever think that would this injection make your dog more lethargic and slower the answer is NO. Fundamentally the function of this injection is to insert some antibodies that are good for dog’s body so that the antibodies that are affecting your health it would recognize it and never let your dog be harmed by it. Usually these antibodies are not strong enough to play havoc in the dog’s body it only does the job of recognizing the antibodies and killing or fighting against them.

Most of the dogs do face reactions but only on temporary basis. They might get a little slow or their face might get swelled. At the same time some digs even start to vomit, hair shed and run through fever. All this reaction is expected after the immunity shots given to the dog. It is only for 48hours that the dog would face such troubles and later they are mostly fine. This mostly have these sorts of problems with the small pups. In these cases as soon as possible you should take your dog and to the veteran and let him know about all his sufferings and the problems he’s going through. The dog would be given an antihistamine (e.g., Benadryl) to control the reactions.

Although immunization has its own benefits but like every single thing in the world that has a benefit it also has a demerit to itself too and same is the case with immunization. By getting your dog immune it becomes easier for the dog keeper to take care of his dog as much as he can. The only 48hours side effect takes place in most of the young dogs due to new antibodies taking place so when something new enters it does take some time to comprehend a dogs body system and recognize the antibodies, fighting against them and keep your dog healthy and safe. The safety your dog’s health is all that matters and for that only every dog keeper strives to achieve. So it wouldn’t be wrong enough to say that the immunity system does play a major role in dog’s health. Immunization is necessary to protect your dog against many dog diseases that might otherwise affect your dog.