Why dogs bark ?

Dog is said to be man’s best friend but at time this friendship does cost a lot. This article talks all about dog barking and ways to pet him. Normally what most of the dogs do is they start barking on the owner just to grasp attention. Know when on attention not given the barking increases and later on it becomes a habit till he’s been loved by you putting your hand on him. You may be somewhere in your mind thinking that you have made him quite but on the dog’s part is something else. He takes it as an appreciation and that’s where it all begins.

Know there are some ways to handle this problem in such a manner that the dog wouldn’t fell hurt and also you would do your job of training him in such a way that he would learn his etiquettes and mannerism of being around people or at home. Know the first time he barks at you your not suppose to give him a glance at once or he will understand will demand for that glance over and over again. Then later just turn back look around making him learning to listen to your orders.

Know keep practicing this remedy with him a couple of times so that he may not only a well trained dog but also a well educated dog and he would be educated by you. Normally what happens is that while your dog is barking the worst scenario is that you can not hear anything and the barking becomes constant. Most of the dog keepers have left the dogs in the dog rehab or station where the dog can live because the relation with the older one gets useless due to the bad behavior and we just think that either the dog is sick or he’s lost it. It all depends on the way we train him and bring him up. The more we respond on his barking the more he would bark to grasp attention and that is the root to the entire problem.

Those people who are new dog keepers are the one’s who face the most trouble because when a normal new dog keeper gets a small pup for himself he usually expects him to bark which he would find more often cute. Something’s that we mostly find entertaining in the beginning later it becomes difficult for us to prolong the same fun because too much of anything is bad. The dog barking that gets very often ruins the entire relation and then a keeper degradedly goes on responding to the dog is also not good. Where as this article was about responding too much to your dog is not good but it is good to keep it to a limit and rather ignoring at times would work as to not make him realize he is being appreciated by the keeper. So less response on react only when is required just to have a trained dog.