Top 10 Guard Dog Breeds

A lot of people around the world assume that all aggressive dog breeds are also good guard dogs, this in fact is not true. There is a vast difference between an aggressive dog and a guard dog breed.  An aggressive dog does not always protect and it can also harm the dog owner themselves. Normally people are also bitten by their own dogs and as matter of fact it’s their wrong choice of dog breeds that leads to this. People think that an agressive dog will guard them but it usually backfires. A guard dog does not only protect his own keeper but also takes care of all the others too. This type of dog breed knows who to just show jitters of fear and who to harm. Mostly aggressive dogs just harm in their aggressiveness which sets a bad impression in the surroundings. Many people in your neighbourhood even stop coming to your house because of your dog's irrational aggressive behaviou.

This article is all about the various breeds of guard dogs and the best choices for a guard dog. We usually buy dogs that we think are guard dog breeds but today we would enlighten your mind by adding up some dogs to your list so that in future if you require a guard dog it wouldn’t be a problem selecting the right breed.

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The breed was created by Carl Doberman in 1890’s. This dog breed is said to be one the most obedient breeds in the world. It comes on the 5th ranking in the world of dogs for being well trained, intelligent and fast enough to do jobs. They are widely used all over the world for security and bomb raid purposes by both military and the police sector. They are very loyal and playful. They might not be very socializing or friendly but are very good for having them as guard dogs. These are square built dogs and highly atheletic.

German shepherd is one of the most available dogs in the world and is listed in the world ranking for their intelligence loyalty and speed. They were found some in the 1890’s by the German’s that is where the origin came from. They mostly used by the German’s for guarding purposes and not only they also can survive in cold areas for a longer period. Know this breed is considered one the most intelligent breed of the existing ones. They are widely used by the police and army and are considered to be the best choice for the job.

It is ancient dog that was used in Germany for guarding. They were mostly found in Germany only and they are intelligent and fearless. Having a broad chest and a big neck they look scary. But if trained well by a good dog keeper they are friendly enough to be with. They mostly have a will to guard its keeper and take care of them. Its one of the best choices one could make.

It is a primary breed dog and is got from the big game hunting. It is white in color and muscular. It is renowned for its stamina and strength. They are a firm breed but the onlt thing they require is a good and firm dog keeper.

Boerboe is one of the most intelligent breed of Africa and was used in the ancient times used by the farmers. It was breaded by a mix breed formation of the local canines in South Africa. They are strong and steady and are always ready to protect its keeper in all ways. It just requires a good trainer and healthy food to eat.

The above breeds are some of the famous breeds known to be guard dog breeds, we will be informing you of a lot more dog breeds that we can, so that you know just the right choice between an aggressive and a guard dog.

Dogue de Bordeaux (French Mastiff):
Dougue de Bordeaux is an old breed of dogs in late back in the 13th century they were discovered and were known to be one of the most vigilant and intelligent dogs in terms of protection. In olden days they were used in military and army. They are friendly, trustworthy and faithful. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is one the best choice one can have.

Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff):
A unique dog for being a guard. In terms of learning and training this breed is one of the best choice, it is good at learning and has a pleasant habit to please its owner. It has got an athletic look but at the same time is very calm and only barks when required.

It is a very strong and looks furious. It comes from the English origin and is good for both being a playful and protecting pet.

Ca De Bou (Majorca Mastiff):
They come from the island of Mallorca and have to be trained at early stages. If they are dealt with light hands they can also become harmful. Measures have to be taken to make it a perfect guard dog. It has a medium stature and is faithful and string enough to be a protector dog.

Fila Brasileiro (Brazilian Mastiff) :
They were primarily introduced for hunting and guarding ranches. It is one of the most unique kind of dogs because they have a tendency to the love the family they be with but on the contrary they even hate outsiders at extremes which can even be dangerous for some outsiders therefore they need to be dealt with care and sure experience too.