Choosing the Right Dog Breed - Questions you should Ask Yourself

All set to get a Dog or a pup for yourself. Ok before you get a dog let me just guide you with some of my own personal experience which is going to be valuable enough because it’s all free. Now that you have decided to add up a member to your house and yes it has to be treated just like a family member and taken care of too. You can jump onto my list to see which kind of dog breed you like but first think of a dog that you could be spending your life with for at least 10 years. This you can decide after researching the different dog breeds out there as well as talking to other dog owners that you know.

Dogs are something that everyone wants to have and the term “The Perfect Dog” has a lot of significance in everyone’s life but the only thing is to have a proper choice to where to buy or sell it from. Some of the points of getting a good dog are as under.

* Try and get your dog from a reputable dog breeder
* The dog you choose out of the litter
* The kind of training of the dog the previous owner has done since it was a pup with all the etiquettes and mannerisms.

The above points are going to give you and your dog a good and healthy lifestyle. It’s a good thing to do to meet some dog breeders when you are about to buy a dog, not only that but you should observe as to how the maintenance of the dogs have been taken care off. You would have an idea as to how to start in the initial process of owning a dog.

Now during this entire exercise that you go through, there are some key questions you are supposed to ask yourself which would be immensely beneficial for you.

Q 1) What size of dog breed do you want?
Size does matter as to how bigger breed you can afford and can it fit in your house or not. Need to measure up your yard some big breed like greyhound or docile do fit in easily?

Q2) Dog shedding is the question for all?
Some dogs like Dalmatians they shed a lot due to which it would be difficult to keep their maintenance gets a little difficult. Most of the dogs that seem to be very cute are at times difficult handle.

Q3) Do you think dogs are supposed to be trained?
It is very essential for a dog to be trained as much as possible as to he should know how to behave and should have the etiquettes and mannerisms to behave around.

Q4) Will your dog be living with other animals?
If you have some other pets like a cat or bird then your house might turn a up to be a “Tom and Jerry” episode which again is not good.

Q5) The maintenance issue?
Would you be able to afford a dog as in the expenses? And if not then it would be useless for you to go out of budget and make the dog suffer too.
These five main questions are definitely going to be useful for you as to your initial steps of buying a dog or not. It’s just getting fascinated with the choice but also to know as to how you can take care of it.

Q6)   Is your dog friendly enough with your kids or peers?

Q7) Will the energy level of a dog should match the energy level of the dog keeper too?
        It is essential for both of their energy to match because if the energy of a dog doesn’t match with the keeper it would be difficult for him to prolong the relation.

Q8) Will you be able to afford a dog?
        If you are not ready to afford a dog then it wouldn’t be a good idea to get one but if you can then its ok. A dog genuinely has a lot of expenses that one has to bear keeping in mind his health and care too

Q9) what kind of dog would you prefer a watch dog that would get up on an alarm and protect you or a companion?

Q10) will you allow any change in your life style after you get a dog?
          You have to bring a lot of change when it comes to get a dog because you have to be very careful and make a lot of adjustments up to his requirements.

Q11) what if you’re a busy person?
         If you plan to lock your dog and go attend parties and stuff then I believe you should choose a breed that wouldn’t feel deprived of your attention because mostly dogs do get sad and upset.

Q12) Will your dog be inside or out?
          If you want your dog or pup to be inside or out it entirely depends on you but  at the same time you need to know what nature does he possess, either its staying in or moving out.

Q13) The place that you dwell at, will it suit your dog or not? In terms of health and sickness.

Q14) Does your dog breed have breed related dog diseases?
         Do ask some of your family and friends who have kept a dog about some general disease the breed you have might face them. Specific problems are hip dysplasia, various eye problems and skin conditions.

Q15) Do you have the space to keep a dog?

Q16) What kind of exercise can you give your pup on a daily basis?
Your pup needs your training and attention as it is going to be with you therefore are you ready to give it the amount of time it requires?

Q17) Will you be able to find the kind of pup in your local area?

Q18) Are you an experienced dog keeper? If your not please don’t try it, they might harm you.

Q19) You need to find out from the breeder about the pedigree of your new dog and find out which breed or breeds was it originally bred from?

Q20) Are you allergic to dogs?
If you are then it is better not to opt for them or look for a dog breed that doesn’t get those allergies that would harm you.