Top 10 Small Dog Breeds

Talking about small dogs they seem to be very cute and cuddly. They are easy to handle and you keep them how and where ever you want. Normally people prefer to keep a small sized dog breed due to its portability and ease to carry it along where ever you want. Their age span is about 16 years; they don’t live a very long life. Another part of the story is that they are not readily available in the market and due to their scarcity these dog breeds are very expensive which an ordinary dog owner wouldn’t be able to keep.

To help you choose the right small dog breed we have conducted research about small dog breeds from around the world. This list comprises of those dog breeds that are very small. The following are the small dog breeds according to our research.

For details of the specific dog breed click on the title of the breed below and you will be taken to a detailed article on the particular breed and diseases that affect that dog breed.

This dog is no doubt one of the smallest breed of all. It weighs 8pounds and stands up to 6 to 9inches. It is very cute and cuddling dog. They are very friendly and loving. Its habit of staying with its owner is just up to the mark. What distinguishes it from other dogs is you do not need to spend most of your time training it. They are well mannered and take less attention to be trained. It is considered one the most expensive dogs available in the current market. A movie “Legally Blonde” also had depicted the kind of faithful and caring dog is a Chihuahua

Families having a small age group or toddlers in their house are recommended not to have this breed as the dog can be injured. They are very sensitive and do not respond to harsh treatment at all. A quite and nice home is required with incentives of appreciation of love, food and care.

It is said to be the cutest dog ever. The name “Affenpinscher” was given to it in German language. Affen means “monkey or ape” and where as Pinscher means “terrier”. It has got large fur and is also called monkey dog. It weighs some where about 7 to 9 pounds and stands up to 11 inches. It is easy handle and carries and takes fewer places to fit. There are also special bags made to keep them. In the early 17th and the 18th century this dog was used to eliminate mice and cats out people shops and houses. Know this breed is renowned to be one of the most desirable pups in town.

This breed can be used to be a guard dog as it’s very caring about its owner but if it gets excited once it’s difficult for him to calm down too.

Bichon Frise:
It weighs of 8 pounds and can go up to 11 inches. It’s a very cute little dog and has a black nose and eyes where as his hair is white. It seems to be very beautiful because of its color combination. color. The breed has descended from several other breeds like Coton de Tulear(Africa), Bolognese (Northern Italy), Havanese (Cuba), Maltese (Malta, Mediterranean). They have a very soft and a timid nature. There pumped tail and arched neck make them look even look more beautiful.

Chinese Crested:
Some people label this dog as not too good or even bad and some call it good. Know beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. It all depends on you and the way you look at a pup. It is round about 12pounds and 13inches which is again an ideal weight for one to have if he or she desires to have a small cute pup. The funny part of this breed is that they do not hail from china. They do not have a coat but they do posses long silky hair on neck, and feet. They don’t accept strangers so easily and even has the potential of biting them. The out class quality about this dog is that they can read your mind and understand his master soon. Have a nature of being very playful but at the same time they don not like to move around much.

Japanese Chin:
This breed hails from Asia and has been very famous in the Chinese and Japanese imperial courts. They are 9 pounds and height can be maximum 11 inches. An immensely friendly dog,  is entertaining and agile at the agile at the same time. It possesses a Cat like nature and can leap huge furniture and tables just in a bound. It has a lot of coat so needs a weekly or alternate day washing and has a tendency to wash him. It is an easy breed to train but at the same time it has a thinking and imagination of its own so can easily read its owner’s mind and adapt his habits. It is a friendly and faithful dog and can get along with people very well. This breed is recommended for those who have a lot of socializing activities and would like to tag their dog along with them

This dog is a Spanish originated breed and its name means butterfly. It comes from the 16th century of toy spaniels and are very fun loving and out going. It is 9 pounds and 11 inches. They come under a category of lap dogs and are easy to handle. These lap dogs are mostly preferable by the high class elite people. His coat does not shed a lot. But he is not a good choice for a sitting companion, he is a fun loving and playful dog and would always want jump around.

It is equal to a football in size and would hardly be of i8 pounds maximum. They are also known as lap dogs and are easy to manage to carry and take care off. This breed is available in many colors like black white and brown.  Pomeranian is also known as Pom, Loulou, Dwarf Spitz or Zwergspitz. Poms tail is very prominent and fans over their back. It can be used as a wacth dog and has a loud bark. They are courageous and can fight with big dogs too. They originated from Germany.

Toy Poodle:
In France this known as Cainche dog which means a duck dog and its origin is from Germany where it was named “Pudelin” which means a water dog, the breed it came from was a water retriever. It a playful and occupies less space in comparison to the other dogs. They are some but very intelligent at the same time. At learning they are fast and good at defense. Among families it is very friendly and good at socializing.

Toy fox Terrier:
This breed comes ninth on are list on being the cutest and short dogs. They are a very agile and outgoing breed. It is an American breed and in olden days were used to eliminate off rattles in farm and rats and cats in the shops. This breed is 7 pounds and a foot high only. That means it is portable enough to carry and tag along.

They are an intelligent breed and widely used in circus and T.V shows too.

Yorkshire Terrier:
Also known as Yorkie it weighs up to seven pounds and nine inches. It has a beautiful and silky coat and is very much famous in all the apartments. It is said to be Americas first choice and that’s why it is here in our top ten list. It looks very elegant but easily gets started by strangers and would start barking at them. They also get startled if teased several times by children too. Other than that it is a friendly and loving dog and adjusts well and takes less time to be trained.