Dog Disease - Cancer in Dogs

Dog cancer is one of the most contagious dog diseases which above all is just too bad for every dog keeper and not only that it slowly and gradually starts and makes a gradual change and strike the dog to death. It usually starts from a lung or bronchial infection which leads to a slow cough and later leads to a lethargic behaviour of the dog.  The worst scenario is lymphoma which is actually dog cancer but then again it’s an entire system which is controlled by the lymphoid system which includes liver, spleen and lymph nodes, it depends on what kind of cancer your dog is suffering from.

If the cancer erupts in the stomach or the liver then it would be a gastrointestinal cancer. This sort of cancer erupts by have an infection in one of these organs of your body. If it’s in the lungs then it would be multicentre lymphoma which happens mostly in lungs. It starts from a soft cough and shoots to a sudden death.

Its symptoms are mostly found in older dogs than in younger dogs due their lesser immunity power that they possess. The older dogs due to having less immunity power they happen to contract in number and have a number of effects. If it’s a  gastrointestinal cancer which happens due to the infection in liver or stomach due to which you will finds a sudden weight loss in your dog, more frequent running stools or diarrhea and unable to digest food properly and throwing up. It may be possible he wouldn’t be able to breathe and would look expecting it’s then definitely lymphoma. Most of them even land up having glands which is due to the infected lymph nodes.

Until know there has not been a single a cure found like a chemotherapy or a s such. But there have been some medicines like vincristine, prednisone, cyclophosphamide and doxorubicin, and are given with some injections the treatment does get a lot painful for your dog and very unfriendly too.  It says to give at least give them about a six weeks survival and some a times a life time survival too. These cancers are very minor in the initial stages and most of the dog keepers don’t notice at times as to what is coming next to their beloved dog.
There have been researches running in them in which most of them have not been very successful but the medicines are a great help for most of the running matters in usual houses.