Many dog owners go for a strange myth i.e. all dogs do not have things that are harmful to them. Now it entirely depends on their sense of taste. A dog can not sense either the food is good or bad for him, what maximum he can do is smell. If it does not smell pleasant to him he would not eat it or he would make a choice to have it. Most of the dog owners believe in this myth that dogs can sense either the food is good or not for them but crucial fact is that when the dogs or pups are left out they have the potential to have anything and everything.

If you ever notice you would get to know that most of the dogs try and have something or the other if they are hungry. It all depends whether they are hungry or not. If not they would not approach but if they are they would approach even trash to eat.  Dogs have better digestive system than us due to which even if they in take something that is hard or poisonous they would either vomit or excrete it out. This one benefit dogs have because if something that is poisonous and stays lesser time in your body the lesser side effects it gives. This system is similar to humans the only difference is we have a weak digestive system in comparison to theirs so we get more harmed since the poisonous things stays for a longer period in our body.

Anti- freeze is something that is found in garages, alleys and stores. This is such a harmful thing that even if a teaspoon is given to a dog he will have a sure short death! Now normally you must have seen dogs chewing plastic in trash containers. This said to be a dog’s genuine habit but these plastics also have a high amount of anti-freeze.  This poisonous substance is said to be sweet at times too and here comes all the trouble. Dogs love to have sweet stuff. So know you need to be very careful and tentative that when you go for a car wash, shopping or for walk be careful and alert that your dog does not gets in to some trash fill his belly up. You can drill the key word “leave it” which on saying a couple of times the dog would understand that he has to stop doing whatever he is trying to do.

Ethylene glycol is the toxic chemical in anti-freeze. This is a very effecting toxic which can cause immediate death to the dog. If you see your dog going low just call your vet as soon as possible so that your dog can be saved. Ethylene glycol is very harmful and poisonous and above all it’s present in maximum anti-freezers.
Before your vet is on his way or you are just give your dog a piece of bread so that he can absorb that anti-freeze and then induce vomiting by a dosage of hydrogen peroxide. This remedy which can keep your dog going on till the vet comes. The rule of thumb is one tablespoon per 30 pounds of your dog's body weight. You can administer hydrogen peroxide by pulling up the fold at the side of his mouth and squirting the solution into his mouth with a syringe. This treatment should be given as soon as possible so that the dog survives.
If the above remedy does not seem to be fine then you can always give your dog a cocktail “Blood Mary”. This cocktail is a mix vodka and tomato juice and if not that also then you can always give him a cocktail of any drink so that he can just keep up till he reaches the vet’s place. One of the benefits if the cocktail remedy is that the alcohol ties up the ethylene glycol so it doesn't precipitate into the kidneys, so this acts more like a resistant to the anti-freezing agent.

For smaller dogs you should give them half a shot of this cocktail. But yes only! If you do not reach the vet or the vet does not reach you”. Under no other circumstances this remedy should be tried on dogs or you can face trouble. Anti-freezing is the only condition where dogs should be treated like this and no other condition.

Products such as Advil or Tylenol are very good as pain killers for us and give great relief too but normally dogs do even reach out to your drugs very easily and even at times try to eat them. This may be good for you but for the dogs it can be highly dangerous and can spoil their digestive system very badly. So make sure you have kept them far away from your drugs (medicines).

Rat poison is something that can be found in backyards, streets, alleys and garbage too. Rat poison is available in much color in form of a pallet. Rat poison is tasty for all rats but unfortunately for dogs too. If by mistake your dog has eaten rat poison kept at home or elsewhere please takes him to a vet as soon as possible. Rat poison can make your dog bleed from mouth, nose and rectal area. Normally dogs can be saved by this in- take of poison but it all depends on the amount the dog has eaten.

Your dog may also have high chances to bleed to death too so it’s better that you shall call a vet so that you can be on a safer side.

While your house is being exterminated ask the exterminator how long will the process and how long should your dog be out of the house. Know when the house is being exterminate the pesticides that are spread all over they need to be removed even very carefully so that your dog gets saved. Normally what happens is that the pesticides get in to the dogs paws and the dogs end up licking it and cause themselves great amount of trouble.

If your dog has taken up some pesticide or harmful medicine so you need to contact your vet as soon as possible. Household cleaners and disinfectants are very strong hence you can always read at the back of its cover whether on take what would be the circumstances. You don't want to induce vomiting on certain products because this can irritate the esophagus. You can induce vomiting by putting your finger down your dog's throat, if you are comfortable doing this. If not then give him a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide so that he can vomit it out.

There are many plants that are toxic for your dogs and dogs do have this habit of eating plants if they are hungry. Some of the popular houseplants that are toxic include philodendrons, azaleas, rhododendron, Easter lilies, amaryllis, fox glove and Japanese lilies. It varies from breed to breed so you can always consult a vet or a dog trainer to know which plants can be suitable for your dog.

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It is the caffeine and bromethalin in chocolate that is poisonous to your dog. Dark baker's chocolate is most toxic to your dog since it contains a high amount of caffeine and bromethalin. Milk chocolate and white chocolate have lower amounts of caffeine. Many people get panicked and call up the vets saying that their dogs are not feeling too good well it is not completely true. Until your dog does not have a lot of chocolate it will not affect him. It depends on the quantity they take, a single piece or a bar would never affect the dog.