While training a dog timing is something that can really be killing for a dog. The only reason why time is assumed to be really pious when it comes to dog training is because it has a great impact on a dog’s mind. Talking about a dog’s mind set this is one of the most important things because it enables the dog to do better as much as it can. The dog learns how to behave in public and moreover learns mannerism too. The very reason timing is prescribed for dog is due to the emotional brain storm that goes round in their mind. Dogs usually feel that that they under some kind of a Hitler rule and at times they even get rebellious.

The dog would tend to be calmer for the domestic restraints eve when his trainer is not around. Dog’s become rebellious the owner starts responding on each and every “Bark”. This habit of his becomes more like a fancy and later turns in to a rigid nature. The key to train dog’s lies in timings, if you notice you pup or dog for long time and focus on what he actually wants and what would be his next reaction and then if you would respond then it would do good for you. But this requires a lot of constant concentration towards your dog because if you do not respond correctly to his want and would fail to comprehend his reaction the training process can actually become negative for you.

If a dog owner looks after his dog very carefully and focuses on his reaction and the way he behaves then only he can implement this timing remedy on his dog. Any kind of training requires a lot of timing or else it goes vague.  So that even if a dog is acting irrational the owner can actually have a pre-determined reaction towards the dog so that he wouldn’t rebel. This controls the dog’s emotional memory which process due to which he actually tries and obeys.

For example, if you are training a dog to heel you should watch his head very closely. As you see the dog is about to shift his attention just at that same time catch him up with his collar and praise him. Additionally, pick up your pace, and to complete the process, throw a ball for him to chase or give him a food treat.

The praise, food, and the ball then serve to convert the correction to stimulation. Since I'm the source of the excitement, the dogs calm focus on me from which he was about to stray is renewed and reinforce. Know this remedy can be applied on a dog but still all that takes is the correct timing to play with. If one knows it wouldn’t be tough for him.