The diction to the word discipline are several, some say “training to act in accordance with rules” , “exercise, or a regimen that develops or improves a skill; training” , “punishment inflicted by way of correction and training” and many more. It depends all on their thinking or what they have observed. Discipline according to me comes within. It is something that varies from person to person. If a musician is told to follow the military law, he would not be able to follow the law as he is an artist. An artist would follow what discipline music would teach him. “Discipline is all about how a person goes according to his potential of work”. Know when we talk about discipline we mostly impose laws rather than make them follow. The law should be simple and easy for one to follow and not difficult to comprehend and impossible to follow.

If a martial arts student does not show the right kind of attitude while practicing he would be rejected by “Sensei”! They look for someone who has the correct attitude towards the sport so that they can train him. If one does not have the right kind of attitude then he would considered someone pretty non serious and the teachers would refuse investing time on him. It entirely depends on teachers as to what kind of discipline he wants to be followed by his student. The art of training a dog depends entirely on discipline. If a dog is not disciplined he would neither obey nor behave well.  It needs a lot of motivation by the trainer to understand the psyche of a dog as to how would he react and what would be his wants. If a trainer understands his dog very well and is desperate to train him well he would definitely look forward towards all his psyche and consciousness too. The dog should be answered in his psyche and the owner should be well versed with all his habits before he responds to the dog.

The dog does not need much of a training in order to be obedient and have a good behavior. In the given above meanings, one of the meanings states that “punishment inflicted by way of correction and training”. Dog’s are mostly corrected or should be corrected rather than being trained and this brings out the good qualities of a dog. A state of order based upon submission to rules and authority. While we are about to explain that there are times where this more limited view is necessary, we wish to reaffirm that the higher definition should be foremost in our minds and at the foundation of your training program.  A dog requires a lot more attention and observance before training so that you may know his attributes so that you can train him accordingly. You can never train a lap dog like you train a guard dog. Every dog has a different way to be dealt.

For instance if a dog goes off track I would catch him from his collar and correct him. All his and anger would be dampened up then and there and after I correct him I would calm down once he corrects himself. The art of training a dog depends on reaction if my reaction would not be precise at the precise at the precise moment then I would have bought a negative side of my dog which wouldn’t had been really fruitful. In such a way a dog is always associating and not rebelling against it. He learns how to obey when he is corrected. A dog at times does get annoyed if he is not treated the way as he reacted then he could be irrational so in case if you do not know that what is the dog’s want then you can just give  general reaction rather than getting him hyper and later you can always discover that thing.