Responsible Dog Breeding

If one would talk about the millions of breeders and the way they keep their pets it would be a little offensive and offhand too. But today I would like to talk about the millions of dog breeders that always have been buying, cuddling pups and after sixty three days they days once they grow up maximum dog owners loose interest in their own dogs. It depends on the way you up bring your dog. Now the question is what does a responsible breeder do? We would first start from a responsible breeder. 

A responsible breeder should know about his breed. As to what is his habit and temperament? The weight and the size of the dog, he should even have an idea if the dog would be comfortable enough to fit in his house? If a breeder does not know about all of this it would be useless. We highly regard a dog who has achieved an s.c.h.III - field trials, lure coursing, etc. This makes a breed highly capable of being a good pet. You should have your dog evaluated as many times as possible so that you may know his potential and capability. Some breeders go for brains and same go for beauty. But a dog should have both of the quality to be the best choice for you.

If two dogs are breaded from the same origin does not mean that the dogs have a good understanding. It may be possible that they may play together and have similar interest but still to dogs have a genres problem which brings in a conflict later. Some require a combination of multiple gene sequences before being expressed. So, two dogs could have parts of these sequences and if bred, the problem could be expressed though there is no sign in either dog's background of the problem. This makes more complicated so a breeder should always be ready to accept such challenges. A responsible dog should always go through pedigrees to have a complete search about the breed he has. It does not mean that two great dogs can be great pups. Many times we make this mistake that the dogs who have the maximum win all over we consider him or his breed to be the best. Just because a dog is being taken care of by many renowned handlers does not mean he is the best choice. The dog is just lucky to get good trainers and many opportunities to show his talent which many breeds do not get. That certainly does not make that particular breed the best choice for you. You also must know color inheritances. Colors, like merles (blue or sable/red) should not be bred together. The merle gene, if doubled, can cause problems. Merle to merle breeding can be very bad. So a responsible breeder should also be capable of knowing that as well.

You should know your dog completely before you have one. If you have a female breed then you need to be very careful with her. You can not just make your dog produce a child before age. At least a gap of two years is quite essential for a dog is completely mature or it is just like a teenager having a baby. Same is the case with the male dogs you need to wait for him for at least two years too. Both male and female should be completely mature before they reproduce. There are also diseases such as brucellosis that can cause fetal abortion (miscarriage) in pregnant females - it is sexually transmitted - you dog must be clear of. Brucellosis does not always have outward symptoms, your dog could carry it and you never know. It is more like having aids and it may also lead to sudden death.

A breeder should always be well versed of the kind of pup he is buying or selling. He should test dogs for things like hips, thyroid, eye problems (eye should be tested yearly on breeding stock) and whatever problems are common to your specific breed. If something is suspected, the dog is not bred. They also require testing for the dog they intend to breed to. This ensures either a breeder is good or not. A breeder should also be very careful when it comes to the pregnancy of his dogs. He should be visiting the vet often to know the kind of complications a dog can face and what precautionary measures he is suppose to take?

There are many dogs that give birth through C-Section only. Even if the dogs are prone and weak in health. The breeder should go to the vet to see how many pups the dog is about to give birth too? If the pup is big then he might get stuck or have complications for the mother. If the pup is too small have chances to die within. So all these things have to be keenly observed by a responsible breeder!

If the dog that is born weak or has some medical issues will you take up for that new born pup? If the dog is born amateur or if the mother is weak enough to take care of the pup will you take care of the pup? If not then you are a bad breeder.

One needs to be very responsible when it comes to pups. In most of the areas pups before eight weeks are not allowed to be soled which is very right. The pup needs to be with their moms until then. If you area responsible breeder then you would ensure to give your pup all that needs for eight weeks. The pups require a shot and a vet exam before they go home so that they may not accidentally bite someone. Vet costs, feeding, time to socialize and clean up after, postnatal care of them and Mom all can be expensive. What if down the road your dog develops a problem, say starts having seizures. Are you going to take the pup and take care or try and find out what is actual problem? Are you willing to call everyone who bought a puppy from you and inform them? What if someone calls you down the road and cannot keep the puppy - now dog - what will you do? What health guarantee will you offer? What if someone's puppy proves deaf, dysphasic, epileptic, what will you do? You brought the pups into the world; therefore, you are responsible. If you are then it proves you to be a good breeder.

We have only discussed responsible breeding as it is very important that a person knows that be it a male or a female dog it is essential that a dog is taken care off and accordingly. Do not breed to produce crosses (peek-a-boos, schoodles, etc.). Do not breed if you cannot devote the time and money to do it responsibly. If you cannot ensure good, loving homes for pups then only buy a pup because most of them need a lot of attention so that they can do well. Dog’s area blessing from God for man to have a companion, where in a world a brother would not be trustworthy you always has a dog to trust.