Training your dog to Stand

While training your dog it is essential to train your dog how to stand. The very reason why a dog is trained to stand is to keep him away from unwanted things. Many times dogs while sitting try to eat things which can be really harmful for them like “Anti-freeze”. Now the command “Stand” is an official command recommended by the AKC i.e. “American Kennel Club”. This word is moreover certified by them and dogs are also analysed on the basis of “Stand”.

Dog owners do not focus initially in the training process of a dog that the word “stand” should be taught to the dogs. But then in latter when you want your dog to participate in some kind of exam then you will have trouble regarding him standing. It is essential he gets up on this particular command or he might harm himself. There are many types of anti-freezing agents that are spread out of the garages and streets. If the dog does not stands and starts he can even reach to a point of death. If he's shy of strangers, not well socialized or skittish, having people handle him and pet him while he remains standing still is one of the exercises that will help him overcome his shyness. The word “Stand” is wonderful word for a dog’s vocabulary; he can also get over with his tepidness and makes him more comfortable among strangers.

To make your dog stand what you need to do is that is keeping your hand on his belly and slowly and gradually asks him to stand. Try and get him on his toes and make him walk. Once you do this make him walk for a while and then make him sit down. Frustration should be highly avoided in this training process. Take your dog in a quiet room and do not grouch at him if he is not standing that will make him sit automatically and he even might even start barking.

Keep on trying this routine with your dog for at least 10 minutes a day. After you do this you can even take him to some training school to do the same. If a student practices from home it is easier for teacher to teach him the lesson. Now the training session and the home on combing will actually make a lot of difference to your dog. He will start standing and he even might start standing in the bath tub too.

When your dog learns how to stand then you should teach him some more commands. Ask him to “turn around” and then slowly turn him round. Now where his tale was his head would come and vice versa. This will teach him how to turn and then even give him some credibility each time he follows the command correctly. This would show some love to your dog and would encourage him to do better. This is something very obvious that is the more you teach dog the more he learns. It all depends on how patient you can be. Because the training person is always suppose to be patient and enduring.