How can you help your dog Lose weight ?

Weight of all the dogs are a big question that comes to one’s mind when a dog owner would think that can his or lose weight or not? This is because a dog if it gets really fat they are difficult manages. Feeding them or washing them becomes a great deal to be executed. There are various kinds of fixes that occur that comes when one talks about weight of dogs, they are as under;

Dogs look really cute if they are fat, flabby and chubby. But the idea is to manage those gets really difficult. If you see your dog is not doing well then you can always go and consult the vet as to what is to be done. If the suggests you that your dog needs to lose his excessive weight then you should make your dog lose his weight. Many dogs are prone to be overweight or even obese. Other dogs may simply be suffering from a lack of exercise, or may be eating the wrong types of food. If you are feeding your dog a lot of junk food then also he can gain unwanted weight which can be harmful for him and make him lazier. As a dog breeder or owner it is your duty to keep up the health of your dog and take care of him.

Many dog owners keep on feeding their dogs all kind of junk food due to which the dog falls seriously ill. Giving a dog one big meal a day does not work. A dog should at least have three meals a day. A dog’s metabolism matches a man’s metabolism; I guess that’s why dogs are said to be man’s best friend. Many of the dogs while eating food also eat junk like the paper in which the biscuits were kept or the box in which the food was there. So you need to make sure that he has his fill. Do not leave him half stomach or in the rush of hunger he would eat anything. Eat; purchase the smallest bag available in each brand. Your veterinarian can help you select good choices when it comes to healthy food for your dog to eat during its “diet”. After finding the right kind of dog food for your beefy dog, you can then start adding crushed veggies (steamed beforehand) to their food. The assumption made by the dog owners that the particular food would be good can be dangerous for your dog or pup. So it is always safe to have a suggestion by your vet.

Your dog needs time to exercise too. Many breeds love to just laze around after they have food and this case also increases their weight. Try and keep your dog with proper timings. You should at least keep thirty minutes in a day so that he can exercise his calories and stay fit. A proper timing for your dog can be very beneficial. Since he is having food and working out in time, he would prefer sleeping early and stay pro-active. Keep a portable dog bowl and plenty of water for the dog so that he doesn’t become overheated. Slowly add a longer course to your daily jaunts and walk for a longer period of time. This will then help him exercise more and eat to a certain limit. Eating like a hog also at times gets risky for a dog as he does not realize that his appetite is being destroyed by this habit.

Now since your dog is following all the things you can reward him by saying “good job” and rub his back. This will then help him do better. But if he does not please do not be rude to him and just be patient. Never make a mistake of rewarding your dog with some food. This can be more discouraging for him. It is better you give him some love and ask him to do better. This remedy to loose weight for your dog can really be handy but remember it is only if the vet has prescribed you to do so. Some dogs look naturally cute which is an additional quality about them; so why ruin it. Keep your dog the way it is suppose to be bred.