Dog Training Collars and Leashes

When it comes to dog training it gets really complicated as one should know the kind of dog he has and his specialities  To hold a dog it is necessary that you need to have a collar. There are various types of collars that are available, some are flat collars, and there are choke collars made from leather, nylon, or chain. Finally there is a pinch collar known as spiked collar. This is one of those collars that are not very dangerous and easy to handle when it comes to dogs. There are collars which look very comfortable and thin and you may think that this would be the correct choice for your dogs. But what always seems is not the actual fact. The collars that are very thin are dangerous to dogs. The thinner a collar would be the more it would roll and become pointed. Now this thin collar hurts the most and the dogs tend to have a misinterpretation. The thick collar look bad they are most comfortable for all kinds of dogs. The more thick a collar would be it would turn less and its inner soul would be soft due to the thickness of the collar. If you go for the thin collars then the dogs can even get wild or scared of you due to the pain he would be getting from that collar. Your dog can even get chocked up due to such collars.

If you take an example of bold: “know if a bold is forced on your hand would it hurt? But if the same bold is sharpened and then rubbed on your hand, would you feel a pinch?” that’s the idea of having a thin collar or thick collar. The collar is used as the very first step in the training of dogs. Dogs are to be trained and not punished by a collar. A collar is to stimulate an appropriate instinct. When the dog learns to be positively motivated by a light tug on a flat collar and then a stronger tug on the choke collar he can also be introduced to a light jerk on the pinch collar.It is not essential for dog to be punished by a collar so that he would listen. In this manner he would even get more stubborn.

If a doctor is treating you he would or going by an operation he would try and do a simpler thing rather than opening you up and then looking for the actual disease. In the same a pinch on the collar of the dog would be sufficient than getting a small collar and threaten the life out of him. A dog needs to be dealt with love and care and not just with anger. If this attitude of a dog owner a dog tends to be very rigid this would actually be a total loss to the idea of having a dog.  This pinch remedy with the thick collars can actually do wonders in your dog’s life. He can be more civilized and wouldn’t feel so left out too.

Finally once you have given a pinch to the dog, then you can be satisfied as the dog would even feel new and not hurt. As a dog owner one can know be relax because the pinch would do the job.  It is a feeling he has never felt before, nor is there an instinct evolved to deal with it. Once your dog has corrected his habit, then you should get back with the routine happy go lucky mood and enjoy the day with him.

There are three kinds of leashes that are used for dogs. They are as under;

The one that is six inches long is very thick and is of good quality. During the training process of a dog it is essential to monitor that a dog shouldn’t be hurt by the leashes. This leash is thick and soft due to which it does not twists very soon.

A long nylon leash is used for those who walk or are more of an outgoing people they are suppose to have this leash so that they can always tag their dog along.

This is neither too long nor too short. This one is recommended for both outgoing and non-outgoing dogs as it has a short blat to the leash so that the owner can always tag along with the dog and keep up with him.