Checklist before bringing your puppy home

There are certain things you need to know before you bring your new puppy home.
  • Name of my Puppy
  • Date and Time of birth of your new Puppy
  • Birth weight of the Puppy
  • Sex of the puppy, weather it is male or female
  • Color of the puppy
  • The weight of your puppy depending upon how old the puppy is at the time of pickup
  • When the toe nails were last cut
  • When did the puppy’s eyes open
  • When first weaned
  • When did the puppy wag it’s tail
  • You need to know facts about the puppy’s teething
  • First grooming
  • When it played in the garden or when it can play in the garden
  • When it was de wormed or when it needs to be de wormed
Checklist about your Puppy before going home from the Dog Breeder
  • Registration Document ------- Pedigree
  • Pet Home ------- Show Home
  • Breeding Stock ------- Neutering likely/ unlikely
  • Receipt for payment ------- Contract of sale
  • Teeth at the time of purchase------ Full set / Just Evident / not erupted
  • Bite ------ Correct / Overshot / undershot
  • Insurance ------- Special information given
  • Diet Sheet given -------
  • Food Supply
  • General care / Grooming Demonstration
  • Bed and Blanket given
  • Breeders signature and date
  • Owners signature and date