Puppy's Contract and Conditions of Sale

Some breeders will sell their puppies with a contract of sale. Your dog breeder may use this example in order to complete the sale of your puppy to you, or attach their own contract of sale agreement. This is the legal contract, although not strictly enforceable. It does, however, give details of the expectation in place for both parties at the time you purchased your puppy which helps to prevent misunderstandings later.

My Puppies Kennel Club Registration document
These are the official documents issued for the registration of your puppy with details of its parentage and any health checks that may need recording. By completing the new owner’s section, your puppy will be officially registered in your name. This entitles you to show your puppy in your name when old enough, or to breed your puppy if you wish, unless of course an endorsement has been placed on the pedigree by the breeder.