Your Puppy’s pedigree

Your puppy’s pedigree is the history of its background, which is also recorded with the kennel club where your puppy’s birth is registered. It is rather like a human birth certificate.

The pedigree will either stretch back three, four or five generations naming your puppy’s parentage, grand parents, and great grand parents and so on. You will either be given one by the breeder or you may purchase the official one from the kennel club.

An endorsement may have been placed on the pedigree at the time the puppy was registered the breeder was technically “The Owner”.  This endorsement may stop you from breeding with your puppy because it does not meet the breed standard and therefore unsuitable as breeding stock. The breeder may have other specific reasons why they wish to eliminate certain puppies from future breeding, but these should have been discussed with you before you purchased your puppy.

Some breeders place an endorsement that is enforceable only until certain health checks are completed and the puppy has passed the specified health checks to ensure the health of future generation of the dog breed. On completion of satisfactory checks the endorsement can be lifted by the kennel club with the breeder’s permission. It is important that you make sure the breeder is aware if you have any intention of breeding with your puppy before you sign a contract, as the endorsement can only be lifted if the matter has been discussed and agreed at the time of the sale.

The breeder may provide their own endorsement document or one from the kennel club which is very similar.