In today’s day of airplanes and solar energy cars are manufactured but on the same hand a dog’s life is also getting advanced and the owners are gazing upon the fact of having a vitamins and supplements for their dogs. Vitamin and supplements are proven to be one of the most amazing things for the dogs. Like mankind dogs even need some amount of supplements so that the deficiency that has been created due to some un due circumstance like ; falling ill , lack of food, eating unhealthy items can taken care of by these substitutes. Pet owners are beginning to discover how supplements can help their pets as well.

It is estimated that around one in three dogs and cats in the U.S. now take some type of supplement or vitamin. The most commonly given supplements are those to support arthritic joints, or fatty acids that have been shown to improve the shine of the pet’s coat while reducing shedding. Due to this discovery it is now become very easy for the pet owners to try and manage a dog’s lack of eating too. These supplements act like an alternative so that one knows if a dog is ill or is about to give birth then what should be given. Usually female dogs do not prefer eating a lot because of their hormonal changes that take place in their body. So now in such cases these vitamins and supplements play a major role in recovering the absence of food that they have in their bodies. The dog supplement market is said to make a business over a million in the year 2012. But the question comes that are these alternatives good for dogs. They do help but then every medicine on this planet has a side effect. Medicines to something that does not happen naturally in are bodies. So if this is unnatural then it certainly must be having some side effects.

Dog food normally is made from factories and has all the vitamins and minerals that a dog would require. Ninety percent of the dog owners are fond of buying dog food and giving to their dogs as it helps in saving up time, some even try and give home made food thinking it is more hygienic. But the question here is if your dog is getting enough of the vitamins and minerals that he requires in his food then the extra dosage of the artificial vitamin will not do. Dogs should only be given vitamin if they require it. If a dog owner would over do this his dog can face problems for example, if your dog gets too much calcium, he can develop issues with his skeletal system. Too much Vitamin A can cause joint pain, dehydration, and harm to his
 So it is better that you may consult your vet if the vitamin should be given or not and do not go for self medication.

You need to consult your vet before you take any further step in giving your dog vitamin tablets. If you dog starts shedding a lot of fur and acts cranky then you should take him to a vet. After that tell him in detail the kind of trouble your dog is giving you. Do not attempt of giving your dog any kind of alternative till the vet would suggest you to do so. Simply looking for a symptom in your pet and then finding a recommended supplement is not the proper way to protect your pet’s health. For instance, if your dog has the symptoms of arthritis, he might not have arthritis, but may be suffering from a neurological problem instead. These could be one of the reasons he would need a vitamin supplement. After the vet suggests you to get a then follow the following two sub headings to make sure that are giving him the right vitamin or supplement.

The choice of brand is very important as you need to make sure that the brand is readily available and not scarce in the market. Also find out the company from the brand has been delivered and is a reputed company or not. If not then try and ask your vet to suggest you another brand.

Read on the box of the medicine as to what claims it is talking about. If the medicine has a claim of a certain claim that you require and if sounds impressive then hurry and buy it. If not then go for a claim that you require.

Before using the supplement is careful of what is the supplement all about. If the supplement is for humans do not experiment it on dogs because they can really be harmful.

Always rely on your vet and no one else. Do not take an alternative if your vet has not suggested something for your dog. It is better you go for the precise brand that the vet has suggested for your dog.