Dog Disease - Safety tips for Dogs

Keeping a dog in your house is good and can also be proven to be a great hobby too. Some people consider a dog to be man’s best friend and some just have a dog for the sake of having it, but the question that here arouses today is that is it safe to keep a dog in your house. Being a new dog breeder or owner it would not be safe to keep a dog without any research or suggestion by an experienced dog owner or trainer. Keeping a dog is taken very lightly but when the question comes to a dog’s health, safety and your family’s safety then it becomes a tedious job to execute. If one has a dog he needs to take care of his health and has to be very careful when it comes to his family’s health too. Following are the tips can be given to a dog owner how his family safe while keeps having a dog.

Your dog needs to be well trained when it comes to his up bringing. If your dog does not socialize much and bites every around then your family members can be in great trouble. Many dogs have infective and their bite can lead you to serious diseases. You can also be sued in many states because of your dog’s arrogant behavior around. The American Kennel Board has prescribed for every dog to be euphonious. You should then teach your dog how to sit stand and heel when you have passed orders. If your dog does not listen much to you then you have surely not trained him well and that could be crucial for your family as they would feel unsafe to live with your dog. Further, socializing the dog by taking him around a variety of people and other animals is important because it allows your dog to develop the skills that he needs to keep his cool around strangers. By keeping his cool and calm on strangers he would be preferable to be around the family.

A very interesting law by the name of the “Leash Law” has now been enacted in many of the countries. This law helps your dog not being injured by any kind of traffic hazards and no one could even misbehave with your pet. But the law also states that the dog would not harm any citizen and if he does the owner or the breeder would be penalized. So it is highly recommended by all the breeders and trainers that every owner should have an eight foot long leash for his dog. This can help you keep your dog moving away from all troubles and you can keep a hold of him.

It is highly restricted to leave your dog in an out door area. If your dog would be found in an out door area then he would be a danger for anyone as most of the dogs are not very friendly with all the people around. For instance if your dog gets irrational and harms a stranger that would be a crime and you can certainly be penalized for this mishap. A better outdoor enclosure for your dog’s safety and to keep him properly restrained is an outdoor fence enclosure or dog run. But even with the use of this type of enclosure, always supervise your dog when he is outside. This would help your dog to keep an eye on your dog and make sure that he is safe and so are others. If your dog is safe then others are automatically safe. This does not mean that your dog is a pest for a society and he needs to always be under observation or in his kennel. But they are too innocent to be left alone. They just find strangers as a source to harm and they would try an act of self defense which can be harmful for people around you.

So you need to be careful for their innocent behavior and other’s safety. For instance, if you live in Ohio, certain dog breeds, like the pit bull or Rottweiler, are required to be confined in a fenced in yard with a locking gate. Check with your local animal control officer if you are unsure about what is required in your area. But since it is just an act of self defense so you can be pretty contended and just is keen and careful for theirs and other’s safety too.