A Dog in The Family

Before one acquires a puppy the prospective dog owner usually ponders number of options in order to arrive at the sort of dog which would suit his or her particular life style. The first stage in the elimination process ought to be the very simple but all important question’ Am I the type of person who can cope with a dog? As one major canine charity in Britain says on a car-sticker "A dog is for life not just for Christmas". The thought of owning a young faithful dog, eager to join the family on long walk across summer fields, can be persuasive but that is only one of the several aspects a young dog grows old youthful health will probably deteriorate; the rolling fields with grazing sheep’s have warning notices that dogs must be kept on a lead; and the sunshine of summer becomes the sleet of the winter.

Dog ownership entails more than the pleasant company of a faithful friend. It carries with it certain responsibilities, and a number of factors must be considered in order to balance the equation. Basically these factor relates to the economic circumstances and the availability of time space and energy.

Financial Consideration
Time for the family Pet
Additional Considerations

Choice of Dog:
Having made the decision to acquire a dog, a number of other questions must be settled before the actual purchase. The most important concern age, breed status, size, temperament, and sex.

Puppy or adult dog
Purebred or mongrel
Large or small
Male or female
Buying a Puppy
Check points for health
Buying an Adult Dog
Preparing the Home
Feeding utensils for the Dog
Bedding for the Dog
Grooming equipment
Collars and  name tags for dogs
Outdoor kennels
Bringing the Puppy Home
House Training of your Dog
Worming and  Vaccination
Basic  Training
At heel
The Adolescent Dog
Car Travels & Holidays
Boarding Kennels
The dog and the Law
A Second  Dog