Puppy Body Condition and Temperature

Always keep a check to ensure that your puppy doesn't eat alot or too less. Following the recommended amount on the label may sometimes not be sufficient for a puppy which is growing. Sometimes the puppy may require extra food. However, with an increased intake of food, you must ensure that you even increase the excersice or your puppy may become obese which can lead to a number of other problems such as risks of heart, respiratory and muscular problems. Therefore its better to ensure that your dog doesn't become over weight in the first place.

In order to do so increase the ratio of your puppy's food if its underfed and reduce the amount if its overfed. Follow this until he becomes of a reasonable weight. Incase of the dog becoming obese, increase the exercise routine. One muist keep a check on the puppy while he is trying to maintain a stable weight because overweight and underweight puppies have lower immune systems and can easily catch something from the neighbours dog or the one in the streets.

The temperature of a dog is nomal when it is between 99.5 and 102.5 degrees. You must check the temperature of your dog twice or thrice a week to ensure that he is not coming down with a fever. To check the temperature lubricate the thermometer with mineral oil or petrolem jelly, and slide it into the rectum and leave for 3 minutes. Read the mercury level after removing. If you are uncertain how to check then make a vet show you once. Incase of fever, show your puppy to a vet immediately. Never use an oral thermometer for rectal temperature as in that the readings can be off and make you think that your dog is sick when it isn't.